Vitamin E Balm



Vitamin E Balm

Vitamin E is very essential for the skin as it fights free radicals spread all over the body caused by UV radiations and sun burns and minimizes the amount of wrinkles, aged lines, black marks, dark spots etc; after this your skin is left smooth, nourished and ready to combat harmful environmental elements which damaged your skin in a jiffy. By doing so, the skin becomes intoxicated and is prepared to enhance the elasticity of the skin, naturally.

The balm is not only meant for face or foreheads but can be applied on dry and damaged skin, wretched marks, severe scars or wrinkles; not just this but also can it be used as an ointment for enhancing beauty, as a luxury skin lotion and as a moisturizer especially for dry skins in order to hydrate them properly. The product is available in three kinds of jars of different weights and is devoid of SLS or paraben.

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