Vanilla Fragrance Oil


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Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Vanilla Fragrance Oil has a soothing aroma which is also mildly sedative in nature. This fragrance oil is used in aromatherapy as it has relaxing properties. It is effective in treating patients suffering from claustrophobia. The oil can be used in oil burners and lamp rings in order to promote restful sleep, because of its relaxing properties. It helps in fighting against stress and provides you with deep mental peace.

The oil is also beneficial in clearing up the respiratory tract when it is inhaled.

Only a few drops of this oil will work wonders for you. But if you want to mix it with other scents to get a different fragrance, you may do so.

It can also be used in dried flowers to enhance their fading fragrance, and even in worn out potpourri to give them a fresh scent.

The fragrance oils from Avena are of high quality and we guarantee you absolute satisfaction once you use them yourself.

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