Try Me Trio - dry skin basics



Try Me Trio - dry skin basics

It is extremely difficult to choose different products for different parts of the skin, since most of the products are taken in well by our skin due to the presence of harmful chemicals in it. And buying expensive products with comparatively better chemicals to sooth the skin can be an expensive affair, particularly when one is in the habit of buying specific products for specific areas of the skin. Thanks to Great Elm, they have launched a 3-in-1 cosmetic product in ‘Try Me Tri- Dry Skin Basics’ for people with dry skin, which includes ‘Wild Rose and Soapwort Gentle Cleanser’, ‘Damask Rosewater Gentle Toner’ and the ‘Paeony and Honey Moisturizing Cream’. These products have already proved their worth individually and if you buying all three separately are a little hard on your pocket, Great Elm has been generous enough to pack all of it together and make this a favorite among their customers.

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