Tibetan Musk Fragrance Oil


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Tibetan Musk Fragrance Oil

The Tibetan musk fragrance oil has got a cool, sweet and gentle scent. The scent is sensual.

The Avena Tibetan musk fragrance Oils are perfect products for those who will not compromise on quality.

For best results you should place the Oil in a suitable oil burner or in a potpourri. You should be careful while using this oil and should be kept out of the reach of children. You should also avoid contact with your eyes.

A few drops of the oil should be used for the maximum effect. But if you want to have a stronger fragrance, you can add few more drops. The scent provides an inner peace to the mind when inhaled.

The Avena Tibetan musk fragrance Oil is very light but created heady musky scent. Actually musk is an animal by-product which was often produced illegally. But now this musk is produced synthetically. This has a lighter aroma than most musk.

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