Tea Tree Soap Bar 200g by Christina May

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Tea Tree Soap Bar 200g by Christina May

No matter how many types of shampoos, conditioners, face-washes and cleaners you have in your bathroom, nothing beats a decent soap, which is rich in its ingredients, it’s outcomes and of course, it’s fragrance and appearance. The ‘Tea Tree Soap Bar’ by Christina May is one of the most finely refined soaps available in the market. Made with pure tea tree oil, this is extremely healthy for the skin and helps in to moisturize the skin, preventing wrinkles, and being the most powerful antiseptic, this soap prevents and heals any fungal activities on the skin. Needless to mention that all Christina May products are extremely safe to use, easy to apply and are 100 percent skin-friendly, this soap is made with finest of ingredients and is particularly rich in Shea butter. Another aspect of this soap is that you can use it to keep your clothes perfectly fragranced and can be stored for longer durations.

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