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Ylang Ylang is a trop...
Ylang Ylang is a tropical tree from which an essential oil that is sweet scented is obtained. Not only is the smell naturally amazing, it also has amazing aroma therapeutic qualities. In addition to having an..
Those who are keen on...
Those who are keen on keeping their skin in the best of condition would certainly like to know more about Ylang Ylang. There is no denying the fact that keeping our skin in good shape is easier said than done..
Ylang ylang essential...
Ylang ylang essential oil is one of the most popular oils having an exotic fragrance. It is a reputed aphrodisiac and is said to work well with the endocrine, cardiovascular and hormonal systems. It also supp..
Associated with ancie...
Associated with ancient knowledge of nature, Ylang Ylang was introduced to the west in the middle of the nineteen hundreds. Ylang Ylang is one of the most spiritual herbs and is used for meditation and yoga a..
Ylang Ylang Fragrance...
Ylang Ylang Fragrance Oil has a warm and sweet aroma. Its fragrance is similar to that of clove. The scent is bold and spicy in nature.This fragrance oil is known to act as a stimulant and has aphrodisiac pro..
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