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When one reads the na...
When one reads the name of the jumbo bath bomb by Ancient Wisdom, it comes off as kind of a pleasant surprise. While the bath bomb may seem like something that wouldn’t really be great to some people, the Chr..
We are already aware ...
We are already aware of the harmful nature of the air we breathe in. The pollution has been rising ever since and so it is extremely essential and important that we take good care of the skin, because that is..
Tea Tree has long bee...
Tea Tree has long been considered as one of the best organic skin-care substances, but the sad part lies in the fact that it is not being used by any of the brands lately, since they are too preoccupied with ..
The prospect of havin...
The prospect of having an organic soap, purely made out of the herbal plant extracts and which is capable of treating the skin and getting rid of all skin diseases like rashes and infections, is extremely tem..
A natural solutio...
A natural solution that is also antibacterial, Faith In Nature Aloe Vera/Tea Tree Handwash is a great hand wash product for those who want something deep-cleaning, while at the same time environmentally..
This Paul Penders cle...
This Paul Penders cleansing wash is perfect for normal to oily skin. It is a light and gentle foaming cleanser made out of plant-derived ingredients, which gently remove surface dirt and impurities. The natur..
Paul Penders brings y...
Paul Penders brings you yet another gentle skincare product - the Paul Penders Alpinia & Tea Tree Cleansing Wash. It is an organic face cleanser that helps in removing all the dirt and toxins from your fa..
All of us would like ...
All of us would like to look and feel young. While we take care of our hair, nails and women even make use of lipsticks and other makeup products to make our face look beautiful, we also need to take care of ..
Reeling under dandruf...
Reeling under dandruff problems for a long time and unable to find the perfect solution to this problem? Then this product enriched with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils is ideal as an anti-dandruff age..
Lemon, geranium and t...
Lemon, geranium and tea tree essential oils work well against greasy hair but is overall effective for all kinds of hair. Natural essential oils work well for the hair and scalp. The absence of addictive mate..
The Tea Tree Essentia...
The Tea Tree Essential Oil is well known for its brilliant healing capabilities. It has germicidal, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties all rolled into one. It is extremely effective against towards cold so..
No matter how many ty...
No matter how many types of shampoos, conditioners, face-washes and cleaners you have in your bathroom, nothing beats a decent soap, which is rich in its ingredients, it’s outcomes and of course, it’s fragran..
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