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Perfect for a hap...
Perfect for a happy bath time for both mother and baby, the Beaming Baby Org Baby Sea Sponge is a large, flawlessly soft sponge. The sponge is designed to not only feel very comfortable, even soothing to ..
If you are lookin...
If you are looking for a beautifully absorbent, wonderfully soothing-to-the-touch sponge, then you will certainly want to consider the Beaming Baby Org Baby Sea Sponge Natural. Made from organically-gro..
A sponge, and a soap,...
A sponge, and a soap, at the same time! This absolutely delicious exfoliating product is actually a sponge that is soaked in soap. It has a sweet scent, and amazing moisturizing qualities that will make it yo..
Ingredients: 100% nat...
Ingredients: 100% natural vegetable fibre from the Konjac potato with added iron oxide, red, pink or green clay options..
Two for the price of ...
Two for the price of one – that’s exactly what you get if you decide to take this product. This isn’t just an exfoliating sponge, and it isn’t just a shower soap. It’s a sponge, soaked in a sweet, energizing ..
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