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People say that Beaut...
People say that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. True, but though beauty is skin deep, everything starts from the eye. Mascara must be one of the most important make-up tools for women. While the appl..
If you want your masc...
If you want your mascara to be made of natural minerals, moisturizing organic jojoba that will deeply hydrate your lashes, promoting that fully natural thick volume, certainly you will enjoy this mascara. Thi..
This mascara will cre...
This mascara will create dramatically long lashes that are completely natural looking because it contains silk fibers that will lengthen every lash separately. Also, the smartly designed spiral brush will giv..
This is an award-winn...
This is an award-winning Volumising Organic Mascara. It has a specially designed brush that will help you achieve thick voluminous lashes without clumping. This mascara contains organic waxes that serve as a ..
This is not your regu...
This is not your regular old mascara that contains tar, alcohol, and other petroleum-based chemicals, which are drying and irritating. Paul Penders Natural Mascara is made of natural waxes and plant oils, suc..
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