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When it comes to your...
When it comes to your baths, you want to enjoy every moment, and you want to do it with a soap that will protect your skin from the negative effects of the environment. This soap is made with extracts that we..
The 30g pack of C...
The 30g pack of Clearspring - Roasted Sicilian Almonds has 93% almonds and 7% tamari including soya beans, sea salt, water and mirin. The product might contain some traces of nuts despite the manufacturin..
Raw Ecstasy Activ...
Raw Ecstasy Activated Choc Almond Spread is made from raw chocolate that is stone ground and almond butter. The spread also contains coconut blossom sugar, Himalayan salt and raw virgin coconut oil. The p..
Almond oil just like...
Almond oil just like other essential oils offers plenty of benefits for the skin. This product is your perfect solution against many skin problems, including dryness and aging. This product is made of only..
Once upon a time, you...
Once upon a time, you could find almond trees only in Asia, but now they are widely spread all through the Mediterranean, Spain and California. We make this oil by pressing dry almond kernels, and refine it u..
Anxious about dry ski...
Anxious about dry skin and the awkward roughness during dry seasons? The most feasible solution to this problem will be applying facial creams, however, to be more precise, the almond facial cream which will ..
The Weleda Almond Soo...
The Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil is manufactured by a 100% natural process. It restores the balance of the skin and also helps in the repair of dry skin. It contains blackthorn flower extract which is hi..
Most of us have grown...
Most of us have grown up hearing how much healthy almonds are and what precisely their advantages are; quite certainly as we see, almond lotion sooths and moisturize every bit of your skin along with softenin..
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