Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil


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Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil

Sweet pea fragrance oil is lovely, light, slightly sweet floral fragrance oil that blends well. There is hardly anyone who does not like the scent. The scent of Avena sweet pea fragrance oil lingers without being overpowering. The scent is very powerful. This can be used in the oil burner and potpourri. It can also be used in the dried flowers to freshen up their scent. Only a few drops of the oil is extremely effective when used in oil burners or lamp rings.

This light sweet fragrance perfectly captures the soothing and wonderful Mediterranean floral perfume of sweet pea flowers. The fragrance of the oil is quite strong and has a calming effect on the mind when inhaled.

The Avena sweet pea fragrance oil also works great in lotions and candles.

This Avena sweet pea fragrance oil is not suitable for internal consumption.

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