Sweet almond oil



Sweet almond oil

Almond oil just like other essential oils offers plenty of benefits for the skin. This product is your perfect solution against many skin problems, including dryness and aging. This product is made of only pure and virgin almond oil, which is kept with its natural and original properties. 

For many years, almond has been appreciated by its extraordinary benefits for the skin, including nourishing and soothing effects. What’s best is that this product can also be used for the hair, which is brittle, dry and frizzy.

When used as a moisturizer, the product is suitable for helping skin absorb and retain moisture, so more and more women are using it daily in their skincare regimen. It also reduces skin inflammation with its calming effect for the skin, especially among people who are prone to developing skin irritation and allergies. In this case, this almond oil is also highly recommended for people with chapped skin and infection.

Reduce wrinkles, protect your skin from the sun and keep it young looking longer by applying this oil on your body regularly.

Ingredients (INCI): Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil.

Unit size: 250 ml

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