Summer Fruits Fragrance Oil


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Summer Fruits Fragrance Oil

Summer Fruits Fragrance Oil has a very sweet, fruity and fresh smell. It is a made with a mixture of sweet fruits and berries to give it the authentic fragrance of fresh fruits.

The oil can be added onto old potpourri or even to dried flowers to enhance their smell. It is ideal for use in lamp rings or oil burners. All you need is a few drops of the Summer Fruits Fragrance Oil and you will experience the sweet smell in every corner of your home.

The refreshing fruity smell instantly uplifts your mood and soothes your nerves. It makes you feel happy and at ease. The oil is of very high quality and thus only a few drops of it are enough to feel the wonderful therapeutic effects. However, you may experiment by mixing it with other scents if you want to.

This oil has to be sampled in order to fully experience its wonderful qualities.

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