Sulphur Soap Bar by Christina May 200g

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Sulphur Soap Bar by Christina May 200g

One of the most important and handy objects in a bathroom is undoubtedly a soap. Having a decent soap is extremely essential, both for the appearance and fragrance of your bathroom, and of course, for your skin, to keep you healthy and looking lively, not to forget, eliminating all kinds of gross odors from your body. The ‘Sulphur Soap Bar’ ticks all the required and correct boxes, and is extremely efficient and healthy when it comes to keep your skin in a good shape. Containing 10 percent flowers of sulphur BP, this soap bar is rich in Vitamin E, one of the most important things needed to retain a fairer skin tone and avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Made with only the finest ingredients and rich in Shea Butter, Christina May products have always been extremely skin-friendly. You can store this soap with your clothes to give them a nice and a lasting fragrance, which is also an added advantage.

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