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Soothing Fragrance Oil

Soothing Fragrance Oil brought to you by Avena is extremely effective in bringing a sense of calm and deep peace to the mind. All you have to do for that is inhale the wonderful fragrance.

Soothing fragrance oil can be used in an oil burner or even in lamp rings. Just a few drops are effective. However, if you want to experiment with the fragrance, you can add a few drops of scent to it.

The oil works wonders in rejuvenating you if you are stressed out or have had a long day at work. It helps to unwind your nerves and gives you a sense of inner peace. It helps you to relax.

It also helps in bringing about alertness and a sense of clarity to your mind.

You can also use a few drops of this oil to bring life to worn out potpourri or to freshen up dried flowers.

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