Rose Geranium and Oatmeal Gentle Exfoliator



Rose Geranium and Oatmeal Gentle Exfoliator

Nowadays, most of the facial products are packed with ingredients that constitute of chemicals, which is a big boon for all the products. More than they cure and prevents diseases, they create more. And this is one of the major reasons why, the brands are suffering heavy losses through their cosmetic products. However, Great Elm has a completely different notion and a formula in mind which sees their products get the better of customers’ choices. All their products being 100 percent natural and organic, the ‘Rose Geranium and Oatmeal Gentle Exfoliator’ is one of the best cosmetic products available in the market. It's unique formula is a pro when it comes to the removal of dead cells from the face and gives it a more revived and a fresh look. Both Rose Geranium and Oatmeal are considered two of the best exfoliation substances, and this product carries out its job effortlessly and is a favorite among customers.

Dry ingredients: Avena sativa (oats) ground*, Rosa spp (mixed rose petals)* ground.  50ml glass jar.

Wet ingredients: Lavendula augustifolia (lavender) hydrosol*, Viola odorata (sweet violet) leaves macerated in vegetable glycerine, essential oils of Pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium)* and Aloysia tripylla (lemon verbena) *. NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES. *certified organic   50mE glass bottle.

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