Fix Me! Repairing Serum



Fix Me! Repairing Serum

Are you suffering from blemish-and-oily skin?If so, you might be interested to take a look at this product that comes withtwo major actions for the skin: control excessive sebum production and repairdamaged skin areas.

Thisrepairing serum works to control the production of sebum on your face,especially on the T-bone area, where most of the problems and excessiveoiliness in the face occur. If you can regulate sebum production, you will beable to prevent pore clogging, which lead to the accumulation of grime, dirtand contaminants in the pores, resulting to breakouts.

Whileit regulates sebum production, it also repairs damaged skin areas for fasterskin cell renewal and regeneration for a flawless and young looking skin oncemore. It can do both of these due to its Gatuline Skin-Repair BIO that promotesskin cell renewal;  Avena Sativa thatfight inflammation and swelling; and REGU-SEB that controls and reduces sebumproduction.

Start tightening, smoothening and repairing skin byadding Fix Me Repairing Serum to your cart today!

Ingredients: Gatuline, Avena sativa, Regu-SebUnit size: 30ml

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