Pure Jojoba oil

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Pure Jojoba oil

This pure Jojoba oil is to the rescue for your irritated skin! It can revitalize and soothe your skin, while it also works to prevent wrinkles, one of the telltale signs of aging of the skin. This product can also help in strengthening your skin to counteract the effects of aging due to the accumulation of toxins and damage from free radicals, which worsen as you come of age.

At this early, you must take care of your skin by doing preventative steps, such as applying jojoba oil every day.  This product is so effective, yet it is not greasy, leaving you feeling comfortable after application.  It is also able to leave your skin totally moisturized and hydrated so that it prevents dryness and the development of wrinkles of your face.

This pure organic Jojoba oil can penetrate deeply into your skin, giving it total nourishment, while it can also be used for your hair to help it prevent split ends and dryness.

Ingredients (INCI): Simmondsia Chinensis Oil

Unit size: 30ml

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