Privacy Policy

The following comprises the privacy policy of Naturelle Cosmetics that every customer/user must understand before using our website. Naturelle Cosmetics envisions protecting user information provided to us, all in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Any information we require and ask from you is stored on a secured site server. A note on site security: Please check for the “padlock” icon on your browser when visiting our website to ensure its security. The use of this website, along with its pages, products and services, is subject under our “Terms and Conditions” in which this Privacy Statement is a component of.


By using the following services, you will be asked to register to our site:
Request advice or information
Sign up in our monthly newsletter
Purchase products
Information collected may include your full name, complete mailing address, current telephone number and valid email address.
Information will be stored in your account (My Account feature), which details can be accessed, edited or deleted anytime, anywhere.

Information storage

Data you provide Naturelle Cosmetics with will help us in completing your order or in accomplishing any of the following purposes,
Website administration: Information given ensures you are going to receive your order. However, we may also use partner companies working on our behalf to ensure that a specific product/service is given and maintained.
Companies referred to may be either a payment processor for processing your payment done through credit or debit card or a delivery company for ensuring fast delivery of your parcel.
(Currently, our company processes customer payment through PayPal.)

The said companies may access your personal information when performing their duties. Other than that purpose, they will not use your information.
Customer service: We may also use your personal details when responding to your questions, when giving information about your order/s and/or when updating you about your order’s status.
Direct marketing/newsletter: When keeping you updated with our products and/or services, we use your personal information for the main purpose of sending out a newsletter in which you have the option to ‘Unsubscribe’ anytime.

Processing and security: Naturelle Cosmetics uses the most updated encryption technology for ensuring the highest level of customer protection at all times.  Some protected information include,
Credit/debit card information

Customer personal information

Other mailing addresses given to us if you choose to have your order delivered to another person that has a different address other than what your personal information states
Transaction (purchase/order) history
We process payments via PayPal, the best payment processor in the world, adhering to the most stringent fraud screening to protect customer information from the start to the end of the transaction.

Cookie policy

If you want the best possible user experience in our website, enable your cookie settings. Otherwise, you may experience technical problems when browsing our site and its pages. 
Our website uses cookies to record your shopping cart and log in throughout your visit in our ecommerce store.
Rest assured our site cookies forget your payment details, including your credit card information.
Currently, our site is not using data collection or tracking mechanism through our cookie use.


Naturelle Cosmetics is a registered member under and complies with the Data Protection Act.
If you wish to see what kind of information we hold on you, please write us at info@naturellecosmetics.com
*Take note: A handling fee may be required to process this request.