Paul Penders My SkinFitness Complexion Booster 30ml

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Paul Penders My SkinFitness Complexion Booster 30ml

My Skin Fitness Complexion Booster is a 100% vegetarian product with natural and organic ingredients. This product from Paul Pender's renders almost instant noticeable results with profound and enduring benefits. It is a powerful anti-aging product that flawlessly repairs your skin and reinstates its fitness. Moreover, the rejuvenating and illuminating features of this complexion booster increase the skin's softness and make it more radiant.

It is made of pure organic ingredients including Paul's traditionally formulated LevensESSENTIE Gold which is a combination of twenty-two organically grown herbs. This complexion booster overall lightens the skin, makes it even, and reduces the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Other than that, it promotes greater suppleness by increasing the skin's smoothness and firmness. This fantastic product also creates a chemical-free eye lift effect to make you look young. It is perfect for softening dry and damaged skin by retaining moisture.

Paul Penders MySkinFitness Complexion Booster

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