Paul Penders Magic Minerals (Rescue Blemish Away) 3g

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Paul Penders Magic Minerals (Rescue Blemish Away) 3g

Paul Penders Magic Minerals is a skincare product that helps in keeping blemishes and spots away. It has its superpower of removing acne, blemishes and marks within a very short time. It helps in curing the dry spots instantly and thus helps in “emergency treatment” of the skin problems. Paul Penders avoids the use of harmful chemicals in this product too, just like its other products.

The different organic elements used include Kaolin clay, Organic LevensESSENTIE Gold (a mixture of 22 organic herbs), different floral extracts and fruit extracts. Each of these ingredients benefits blemished or acne-prone skin in some way or the other.

It comes in a powder form which simply needs to be applied on the skin using wet cotton plug and kept overnight to see magical effects in the next morning.

Available for just £19.95 for a 3-gm pack, the product also promotes a healthy chemical balance of the skin.

Paul Penders Magic Minerals

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