Parisian Whisper Hand Lotion 30ml



Parisian Whisper Hand Lotion 30ml

The aforementioned hand lotion is available in a 30 ml light weight plastic jar; it does not only moisturize your skin but also nourishes it with its herbal essential oils which are immensely smooth and hydrating. The container is portable as well and the lotion undoubtedly has a soothing smell owing to the extracts of orange blossom which subtly clean the skin and provides a beautiful, calming fragrance and an indulgence into sheer delight. Besides, the moisturizer due to its cooling and refreshing power protects the delicate dermal and epidermal layers of the skin and indirectly helps in the prevention of excess water loss from the surface of the skin. The lotion is enriching and high in Vitamin E; one must try applying it during dry seasons and twice daily to develop a silky, soft skin.

The lotion is SLS, chemical additives and paraben free.

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