Olive oil shower gel



Olive oil shower gel

THE FREEZING OF SHOWER is employed for problems of skin, muscular pains tired articulations, it continued to be subjected to symptoms of exposure has a hostile environment where one finds: pollution, the chemicals, the exposure to the sun continues, etc The rate/rhythm of our current vacuum, makes reduce time the necessary care of our body which we must treat by the cosmetic products which bring various functions in only one product.

THE BATH AND FREEZING SHOWER is a cosmetic OIL OF HEALTH prepared on the basis of olive oil bio and aloe will vera to give us vitamins and antioxidants and its daily use provides a stay releasing and alleviating hydrating, protective on our skin.

Protect the skin against the cold, heat, the chemicals, the solar radiation, pollution and other impurities which accumulate during the day and of stopping the pores of our skin, which prevents an optimal oxygenation.

For this reason and other cultural questions, work or the sport, a shower more than would owe , by leaving us your not protected skin, which weaken our immune system and to leave our skin to the thank you of the dermatitis, the potential psoriasis, etc.

The hydrating effect of this product is incredible, so that it is not necessary to use body milk. Ideal in situations like the pregnancy, the ant cellulite treatments, the treatments of loss of weight, the exposure prolonged to the sun, chemotherapy, hem dialysis, etc.

Very important to note that our antioxidant effect provided incorporation of olive oil in this product contains poly phenols an oil panted that it ya the vitamin E to slow down the ageing of the cells of tiredness.

With contributions tired that our DA the incorporation of Aloe Vera is the elimination of tiredness DA contributions to the constitution of our Aloe Vera is the elimination of the died cells, leaving the soft skin for to clean.

Another use of the freezing shower and bathroom is used like HEALTH OILS freezing to be shaved, adapted to the sensitive skins and of the bleedings, which prevents a later use of Alter Unregister. To use for the depilation of the legs in order to reduce subsequent irritation on the legs.

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