Natural Wax Melts - Lavender Fields 6pcs



Natural Wax Melts - Lavender Fields 6pcs

For a 6-piece set of natural and organic wax melts to be available for only £4 seems very surreal as it is. But for it to have an astonishingly real and striking aroma is next to impossible considering the extremely reasonable price. The natural wax melts are made from real things and there is no artificial flavouring at all. The tiny lavender colour flower bars are not only so very pretty and great smelling, but once you burn them the real aroma comes out making you feel like you’re not just smelling lavenders, you’re in a lavender field. To be surrounded by a field full of lavender flowers is something that you read about in books or see in movies or music videos but by burning the wax melts by Ancient Wisdom you only need to close your eyes and imagine and the rest of the work is for the wax melts. This particular flavour is soothing, relaxing and extremely elegant.

Ingredients: Blend of Soy and Palm waxes

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