Carbolic Mysore Sandal Soap



Carbolic Mysore Sandal Soap

The Sandal Soap from Mysore is a very popular soap across the globe. It is made from one of the oldest ingredients ever found, sandalwood, it has in it to stand amongst the competition in the soap market. This Carbolic Mysore Sandal Soap is made exclusively from vegetable oils and contains natural sandalwood oil. It is also made with certain conditioners which nourish the skin and provide the required amount of care. Sandalwood oil was used abundantly in ancient times for its inherent properties of being an antiseptic and soothing prickly heat and skin rashes. In terms of providing pure nourishment to the skin, the Mysore Sandal Soap is the best solution. It is also noted for softening your skin. This soap will never lose its charm and people will continue using this product.

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