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The Bébilou Hair &...
The Bébilou Hair & body cleansing gel cleans with softness. It is easy to use because of 2 in 1, very calming down and encouraging the sleep and the digestion of baby...
Made with seventy...
Made with seventy percent organic ingredients, you can be sure that you are using a very green-friendly product with this Normal-to-Oily organic shampoo from Bentley. Combined with such appealing ingred..
All these times, we h...
All these times, we have been talking about skin-care products and their usefulness and harmful effects with all those chemical effects on them. Let us now talk about some of the best shampoos that one can us..
The pack of Bioca...
The pack of Biocare Hair & Nail Complex has ninety mineral and multivitamin capsules with various nutrients necessary for hair and nails. The capsules contain lysine, horsetail extract, biotin, zinc, ..
In case you are anxio...
In case you are anxious about your dry and damaged hair with rampant growth of split ends, try using the hair serum whose name is mentioned above, the serum is rich in Vitamin B5 and has enormous conditioning..
Taking care of your h...
Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin, if not more. This hair conditioner ticks all the right boxes as it provides an intensely fragranced and shiny hair. It will make your hai..
Ingredients – water (...
Ingredients – water (Aqua), decyl glucoside, lauryl betaine, xanthan gum, aloe vera leaf juice powder (Aloe barbadensis), citric acid, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid, eucalyptus essential oi..
The Hydrating shampo...
The Hydrating shampoo olive oil is your total hair care solution with its natural ingredients, which include olive oil, a known nature ingredient for keeping hair and scalp healthy and strong. This product..
This all-natural, her...
This all-natural, herbal conditioner will leave your hair tangle-free and silky smooth without weighing it down like most conditioners do. Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner is a US award winner for its si..
This is an intensive ...
This is an intensive treatment created to revitalize and restore your hair to its natural beauty, especially efficient in the repairing of split ends. The formula used to make such an efficient and natural ha..
Paul Penders Time Rel...
Paul Penders Time Release Jasmine Shampoo will give you a unique, one-of-a-kind shampoo experience. It’s all natural and organic made of olive oil as the cleansing agent, which foams minimally when applied to..
Paul Penders Leave-In...
Paul Penders Leave-In Defrizzing Balm is a balm that can be used for treating frizzy hair. It helps in restoring moisture even in the driest of hairs and also converts dull hair into smooth and shiny hair. It..
This Paul Penders Lov...
This Paul Penders Love in the Layers Conditioner will untangle your hair after shampooing. Because of its natural and organic formula, containing 22 organic herbs, it will leave your hair silky smooth and nev..
Charming name for a h...
Charming name for a high quality brand that meets all your hair needs. It’s a uniquely designed formula made with a mixture of Levens ESSENTIE Gold, including community produced organic coconut oil. This sham..
This purifying shamp...
This purifying shampoo with grapefruit seed is your hair’s weapon against pollution and impurities, keeping it free from dandruff, flaky and rough hair and other hair and scalp issues. It is highly recomme..
The organic shampoo b...
The organic shampoo base selling from £15.99 is free from all known and widely used parabens. It does not contain any sodium laureth sulphate, another common harmful ingredient used in most shampoos and gel..
This shampoo works ef...
This shampoo works effectively for all types of hair. It is blended with coconut and patchouli essential oils. These oils work in a natural way to let you have a healthy hair and scalp. The absence of additiv..
Reeling under dandruf...
Reeling under dandruff problems for a long time and unable to find the perfect solution to this problem? Then this product enriched with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils is ideal as an anti-dandruff age..
This is ideal for all...
This is ideal for all hair types and is blended with lavender and chamomile essential oils . Natural essential oils work well for the hair and scalp. The absence of additives in the shampoo will give you quic..
Lemon, geranium and t...
Lemon, geranium and tea tree essential oils work well against greasy hair but is overall effective for all kinds of hair. Natural essential oils work well for the hair and scalp. The absence of addictive mate..
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Naturelle Cosmetics brings you the best nature offers for your hair! It is in line with our main mission to bringing holistic skincare, hair and body solutions that you can harvest from Mother Nature.

As we all know, hair care products should work to enhance the appearance, quality and texture hair, but these are not what they’re giving you.

Most commercially made and chemically infused hair care products are harming than helping you achieve healthier hair and scalp. Instead, they give it severe damage, including dry, flaky and rough appearance and texture. Many of these chemical hair products are also unsafe and toxic for health, especially if you have been using them for a long time.

To brief you about these mainstream hair care products, about 90 percent of them contain parabens, a type of preservative and carcinogen used in many products to improve shelf life. According to recent studies, these substances disrupt the natural makeup and function of the endocrine system, increase one’s risk to breast cancer and decrease male fertility rates.

Another is the dreaded propylene glycol, a chemical linked to the development of a host of diseases of the kidney, liver and brain. Bad news is that they’re not only on hair care products but also on personal care products, including deodorants and toothpastes.

Not to forget the presence of formaldehyde, another chemical associated with the development of skin irritations, cancers and nerve damage. To get rid of these problems and to protect you from these illnesses, you have to press that switch to organic hair care solutions—for reasons.

Why Choose Natural Hair Care

  • Environment friendly: Naturelle Cosmetics hair care line, in particular, is 100% effective and safe for you and for the environment. With today’s growing concern on climate change, most men and women are shifting not only to organic food but also to organic beauty products that are low in carbon footprint and come in biodegradable packaging. 

  • High nutrient absorption, minus the chemicals:  You probably have heard a million times that whatever you feed your skin, your body absorbs. The same goes through with hair care solutions, including shampoos and conditioners, which ingredients pass through our scalp, absorbing at least 60 percent of these, and then they run in our bloodstream. It simply means that using our organic hair care line of products can help you absorb hair nutrients and not chemicals, helping your body strengthen its immune system and organ functions, which then leads to healthier hair and scalp. 

  • No allergies and diseases: Synthetic and traditional hair care products more often than not contain parabens, which disrupt your body’s natural hormonal balance, leading to a host of problems, including disease development due to poorly functioning endocrine system, not mentioning synthetic hair products can also lead to allergic reactions and damage.
  • Long-term benefits: Naturelle Cosmetics provide your hair and scalp with instant cleaning and conditioning effects, allowing you to style your hair easier and faster.  Because these products are made of only natural ingredients, they cause no side effects but only great effects to making your hair and scalp fully moisturized and healthy without the itch, dryness and allergies, which also means less hair fall and scalp issues, including dandruff and excessive oiliness.

To achieve holistic and long-term results when it comes to hair and scalp health, choose Naturelle Cosmetics hair care products for vital hair nutrients and conditioning effects, leading to gorgeous, healthier and smoother hair instantly!