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The pack of Biocare Hair & Nail Complex has ninety mineral and multivitamin capsules with various nutrients necessary for hair and nails. The capsules contain lysine, horsetail extract, biotin, zinc, ..
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In case you are anxious about your dry and damaged hair with rampant growth of split ends, try using the hair serum whose name is mentioned above, the serum is rich in Vitamin B5 and has enormous conditioning..
The MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL CONDITIONER is your ultimate hair conditioner that works in moisturizing and nourishing it to the fullest without causing it any harm or damage in the process. It is made of pure org..
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This all-natural, herbal conditioner will leave your hair tangle-free and silky smooth without weighing it down like most conditioners do. Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner is a US award winner for its si..
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Paul Penders Leave-In Defrizzing Balm is a balm that can be used for treating frizzy hair. It helps in restoring moisture even in the driest of hairs and also converts dull hair into smooth and shiny hair. It..
This Paul Penders Lov...
This Paul Penders Love in the Layers Conditioner will untangle your hair after shampooing. Because of its natural and organic formula, containing 22 organic herbs, it will leave your hair silky smooth and nev..
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7 Effective Natural Conditioners

Who doesn’t want to have a soft, smooth hair? Many products promise to take care of your hair but they come with a cost and a doubt. Many of the commercials on TV are using models who may actually be using other ways of making themselves look beautiful. To get rid of the unnecessary costs and doubts, you can opt for natural conditioners.

Olive Oil, Banana and Honey

Olive oil moisturizes the hair; while banana keeps it from shrinking, thus adding a straighter look. In addition, honey adds the vitamin essentials for hair growth and moisture. You simply have to mix together these ingredients into a paste: a ripe banana, two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply it on the hair for 30 minutes once a week and you will get that soft, smooth hair you have been dreaming of.

Yogurt, Egg, Yogurt and Mayonnaise

Yogurt softens the hair; while egg and mayonnaise enhance the natural oils keeping the scalp from getting dry and ridding away dandruff. This combination remedies falling hair and damaged hair when used twice a week.

Honey and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has always been effective in hair care by reversing gray hair back to black and making up for keratin loss; while honey serves as a moisturizer. Apply a warm mixture on your wet hair for 30 minutes two to three times a week to get the best results.

Milk, Cinnamon and Honey

Milk contains casein and whey that add moisture, gloss, and volume to hair; while cinnamon improves blood circulation making hair healthy and strong. Moreover, honey acts as the moisturizing agent. This mixture is especially effective for frizzy hair when applied twice a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Avocado and Shea Butter

The combination of apple cider, avocado and shea butter is a rich conditioner that gives lubrication and maximum slip for thick wavy hair. It detangles and straightens hair. For best results, use it twice a month.

Coconut Milk, Orange and Yogurt

To prevent hair fall and dandruff, this combination of coconut milk, orange and yogurt will work best when applied once a week. Oranges give the hair softness, shine and strength. The vitamin C in orange along with bioflavonoids stimulate hair growth; while vitamin E and fats in coconut milk nourish and moisturize hair.

Tea and Mint

Tea and mint combination is good for oily hair when used two to three times a week especially during summer. Tea has minerals and vitamins that strengthen hair and make it smooth and manageable; while mint gives that cooling effect on the scalp to keep it free from rashes and infections on hot days.

We are extremely lucky that the best care for hair is found in natural conditioners that are readily available and is within our budget. They are safe and effective not only for our hair but for our skin. The assurance that what we are using for our hair does not have side effects even to the environment eradicates all our doubts besides its being cost effective.