Natural Body Scrubs & Exfoliants

This product is an ef...
This product is an effective facial scrub, yet it does not harm the skin or causes irritation. It comes in the form of a cream scrub infused with Dead Sea salt,its main ingredient to get rid of skin impuritie..
This product is spec...
This product is specially formulated with Argan nuts and black soap, two powerful ingredients that work to moisturize and to get rid of skin impurities, without harming it in the process. Why do you have ..
From Italy’s leading...
From Italy’s leading organic cosmetic maker—Biokem—is another skin innovation –the Microscrub for face and body.  The product is based on vegetable oils, gently eliminating dead skin cells without an..
The MOROCCAN RHASSOUL CLAY is a product by Alassala of the UK. It is one of the most versatile skincare products around because it abounds in functions. The product is suitable for softening, detoxifyin..
Buy a 3 Piece Gift Se...
Buy a 3 Piece Gift Set of Organic Rose & Geranium from Greenscape for only £34.99 and enjoy free delivery in the UK. The Organic Rose & Geranium Greenscape Gift Set has one 75ml hand cream, one 275m..
The 75ml tube of Rose...
The 75ml tube of Rose & Geranium Greenscape Organic Hand Cream sells for £9.99. The cream is rich in geranium and rose oils. It has ability to cleanse your hands while retaining the moisture in your ski..
Indulge your skin wit...
Indulge your skin with the lush and invigorating benefits of this all-natural and organic coffee body scrub. Packed with essential oils supercharged with skin-loving benefits that exfoliate and smooth, your s..
Apart from your daily...
Apart from your daily cup of coffee, what else do you know about coffee? Do you know that it have amazing benefits for your skin? Yes, this is true. Coffee scrubs have been on the rise in the recent years as ..
The skin is the large...
The skin is the largest organ in our body. It absorbs about 60% to 80% of what it comes into contact with. When you use commercial cosmetic products, perfumes, lotions, scrubs and oil, all the ingredients in ..
Though many of us wou...
Though many of us would have come across lavender mint scrubs and it is quite possible that we may not have the right information and knowledge about the same. They do much more than merely acting as a massag..
All of us would like ...
All of us would like to look and feel young. While we take care of our hair, nails and women even make use of lipsticks and other makeup products to make our face look beautiful, we also need to take care of ..
Those who are keen on...
Those who are keen on keeping their skin in the best of condition would certainly like to know more about Ylang Ylang. There is no denying the fact that keeping our skin in good shape is easier said than done..
Vital Touch uses some...
Vital Touch uses some organic and harvested essential oils that are mild and environment friendly. Vital touch pre-natal beautiful body scrub is a comforting and luxurious moisturising skin scrub that keeps t..
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Natural Body Scrubs and Organic Exfoliants from Naturelle

Body scrubs and exfoliants are some of the best products that help keep skin feeling smooth and young looking. They are used to scrub off dead skin cells to make way for new, younger looking skin cells to come up to the skin’s surface. The best body scrubs and exfoliants don’t have to be expensive or laced with harsh chemicals in order to do its job well. They can be made with all natural ingredients that are actually very effective at cleansing and maintaining your skin’s natural beauty.

Naturelle Cosmetics is a UK based company that sells organic, natural body scrubs and  organic exfoliants that don’t contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. This means every ingredient contained within each product is extracted directly from natural and organic sources. For people with very high sensitivity to chemical ingredients, this product line is perfect for you. The Microscrub for face and body for example is made with gentle, non-abrasive ingredients that provide powerful cleansing action minus the hard sandpaper-like feel of other chemically made scrubs. It’s gentle enough on skin and good enough at cleaning the rest of your body. You can use it on both face and body so you won’t have to tote around lots of different scrubs for different parts of your body.

One of the environmental problems that have been getting a lot of attention lately is the use of microbeads in most chemically made scrubs and exfoliants. These are microbeads don’t disintegrate and goes directly to water systems after you use them in the shower. Once in the water systems or in the ocean, they can be ingested by marine life. Microbeads have been known to have poisoned fish, turtles and other marine animals after they ingested them. This is the reason why it is better to buy organic body scrubs uk and natural exfoliants from Naturelle Cosmetics. The scrub beads in each product come from plant extracts that naturally degrade or return back to nature after use. They use ingredient like almond shells and crushed hazelnuts that are all natural and fragrant at the same time. These types of ingredients mean no harmful chemicals for your skin and no poisonous microbeads for ocean marine life. You get great skin and help the environment too!

When you buy natural exfoliants uk from Naturelle - they are safe to use and are very effective at cleansing your skin. You’ll find that the gentle scrubbing action that it provides is just enough to make your skin smooth and radiant after just one wash. Each face and body scrub contains moisturizing ingredients that won’t dry your skin. You will be sure to come out of the shower feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after using the organic, natural body scrubs and exfoliants from Naturelle Cosmetics. You also won’t be bothered by the awful smell that some scrubs have because it doesn’t contain any strong and harmful fragrances. Explore the site for more information on some of the best products like natural body scrubs and natural body care.