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The Bébilou Hair &...
The Bébilou Hair & body cleansing gel cleans with softness. It is easy to use because of 2 in 1, very calming down and encouraging the sleep and the digestion of baby...
Argan Oil has long be...
Argan Oil has long been considered as one of the best skin-care reagents, which not only makes the skin fair and smooth, but also acts as the barrier to the harmful pollens that are mixed with the harmful air..
This product is comp...
This product is composed of super nature ingredients, namely, gingko biloba, kelp, dandelion, red grape, grapefruit seed and sweet clover essential oils that help in weight loss or fighting off cellulite. ..
Body Creams are extre...
Body Creams are extremely essential not only for protecting our body against the dust and particles that present in the air and from the harmful rays of the sun, but also to give our skin a fine and a refined..
Men are very much awa...
Men are very much aware of the itching sensation after a shave, be it with a razor or an electric shaver. This after shave cream is manufactured by using a blend of different essential oils which would help ..
Like we know, Aloe Ve...
Like we know, Aloe Vera is an immensely refreshing herb with an equally pleasant odor; hence any ointment with its ingredient being aloe Vera is bound to be healthy without bearing any adverse effects on the ..
Argan butter is a no...
Argan butter is a nourishing body care product with its high emulsion property. Without drying your skin with chemical ingredients, this organic butter is very easy to apply on your body, face and hair. Ex..
Arnica is a typical h...
Arnica is a typical homeopathic ointment which is used in acute cases and sudden cases of sprains, bruises, muscle swelling etc; little did we know that arnica can be utilized as a natural beauty treatment. I..
Gift boxes are great ...
Gift boxes are great when it comes to gifting someone as it provided an assorted collection in one place. The Ballotin Little Box of Love Gift Box is quite a unique one as it comes packed with six cocoa and s..
The bath bomb soufflé...
The bath bomb soufflé by Ancient Wisdom is not your regular bath bomb. Even the name adds more to the temptation that is created by the bath bomb soufflé. Created with an intention to provide extra fizz and e..
The bath bomb soufflé...
The bath bomb soufflés by Ancient Wisdom are literally a treat for everyone, particularly all the people looking for relaxation. They come in a massive 130g size and are literally an explosion of fun and fizz..
Essential oils and fr...
Essential oils and fragrances are very much popular these days. People are enjoying the usage of these essential oils in their daily lives which is giving them relief from several problems. This pack has r..
Search the markets an...
Search the markets and one may find numerous body lotions with the stamp of big brands. But try searching a completely organic body lotion, that can be evenly applied throughout the skin and one which does no..
No matter how importa...
No matter how important it is to keep a nice and decent skin with no infections such as rashes and skin pigmentation, it is equally important to maintain a clean hand before one does any work, which is relate..
The problem with addi...
The problem with adding chemicals to a normal body-wash is the fact that chemicals do not penetrate the deeper layers of skin, but they only remove the top layer of the skin and replace the damaging cells wit..
The Berry Christmas C...
The Berry Christmas Cracker is packed with three festive bath blasters with essential oils and natural butters like Fresh Berry, Cherry Bathewell and It’s Xmas. The decorative cracker is beautifully designed ..
Body ache bath oil fr...
Body ache bath oil from Abluo is penetrating bath oil made up of natural oils and is usually meant for treating people with rheumatism and arthritis or any other similar type of deep joint pains and aches. It..
Body ache ointment fr...
Body ache ointment from Abluo is a substitute for the body ache oil from Abluo. This is a highly effective ointment meant for treating arthritis. It is made up of complete natural ingredients and is specially..
The body butter manuf...
The body butter manufactured by Winter in Venice is a 700g container having a combination of water lily and freesia with fragrance of rose which adds to its nourishment. The natural oils present in the herbs ..
The body butter manuf...
The body butter manufactured by Winter in Venice is a fabulous combination of water lily and freesia with tinges of rose odor. The natural oils present in the essential herbs of the lotion enhance the hydrati..
The body butter moist...
The body butter moisturizer manufactured by Winter in Venice is a brilliant blend of water lily and freesia with slight rose and rosemary aroma which adds to its placidity. The natural oils present in the ess..
This Body Milk, a liq...
This Body Milk, a liquid soap available in seven fragrances, does it all for your skin! It offers nothing but goodness for you. Milk is an excellent toner that can improve your complexion, making your skin lo..
The 50ml Avena Borage...
The 50ml Avena Borage Natural Beauty Oil sells for £7.99. The primary ingredient is borage, aka starflower oil. It is extracted from the borage plant seeds. The natural beauty oil has 30% gamma linoleic ac..
Combined with unique ...
Combined with unique essential herbal oils bearing a beautiful aroma, the cream serves both as a beauty cream and an ointment for healing spots and wrinkles. The cream has an enormous hydrating capacity which..
Skin treatment can be...
Skin treatment can be an extremely painful area to cover given the fact that our is different for different individuals. One of the most difficult jobs is to maintain the area of the extra layer of fat that w..
The 500ml of Aven...
The 500ml of Avena Bubble Bath Base sells for £15.99. It is free of sodium sodium laureth sulphate and it doesn’t use any paraben as is common in other shampoos, conditions, hair creams or gels, bath prod..
Isn’t it absolutely a...
Isn’t it absolutely awkward when one has to go to any sort of occasions, taking a bump in their body? Besides being awkward, it can well get painful if not taken the right steps at the right time to heal it. ..
The 50ml natural mass...
The 50ml natural massage oil for cellulite from Avena sells for £7.99. Avena Cellulite or CEL Massage Oil contains natural oils that can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and can even prevent t..
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Sixty-percent of the chemicals—preservatives, carcinogens and contaminants—in body care products are absorbed by the skin and get into the bloodstream.  That’s alarming news every beauty enthusiast has to know in order to stay on the right track when it comes to using mainstream skincare products on the market.

The skin is the body’s largest organ that filters foreign materials and then eliminate them through sweat, so it has to be fed only by natural products, which contain no parabens (a type of chemical infused in most commercial products to prolong shelf life), no artificial colorants and perfumes and contaminants. These organic products contain only nature-sourced ingredients from herbs and plants.

And when it comes to organic body cosmetics, there is no other name to trust but Naturelle Cosmetics, your one-stop beauty store that envisions not only to help you achieve flawless and young-looking skin, but also works to give you only the BEST nature has in store for you.

All body care products we put up on this site are certified organic and safe, containing no damaging ingredients and not posing any health hazards, including skin cancer and other types of cancers mainstream body care lines and brands possess.

Unlike commercially and chemically-made cosmetics (poisonous mixtures) loaded with an astonishing level of toxins and scary preservatives and irritants, including formaldehyde, petroleum waxes and parabens, our body care line is your top choice for total skin rejuvenating and pampering effects minus the chemicals.

Our certified organic products tone, moisturize, exfoliate and cleanse your skin without using any of the notorious elements, which are then absorbed by the skin and are circulated in the bloodstream, leading to a host of illnesses including the dreaded cancer.

What happens is that chemicals and toxins from commercial body care products accumulate in the body, weakening the immune system due to its continuous and never-ending battle versus foreign compounds. But by choosing Naturelle Cosmetics body care line, you’re assured of feeding your skin with only the best of the best that it needs!

With our body care products, you will not only develop beautiful and smooth skin, but you can also slow down the signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin because they contain essential nutrients, including Vitamin E and C, to name a few, which are needed in strengthening the skin’s natural makeup and the body’s immune system.

Organic massage oils, creams and Shea butter creams, among others, can be generously applied to your skin, without damaging but nurturing it.  They don’t contain any artificial ingredients, including petroleum waxes and parabens, but only “good for the skin” stuff sourced from organic farms in the UK, Spain, France and Italy. These farms are certified organic, meaning no pesticides and chemicals are used in crops, keeping them at their purest and most natural form.

Naturelle Cosmetics body care line contains ZERO artificial fragrances, which are also linked to diseases. These synthetic fragrances do not only cause long-term damage to your health, but they also have IMMEDIATE effects on your skin, including allergic reactions and irritations and they can mess up with your body’s normal pH levels.

So, don’t wait. Join us in our quest to giving you only flawless and young-looking skin by offering you only the most organic body care products on the market right now.

Feed your skin—only with the good stuff, only with Naturelle Cosmetics body care line and experience a totally different journey to smooth and healthy face and body today!