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It is of utmost impor...
It is of utmost importance that you provide only the best things for your baby. Elaborating on the topic, ‘best things’ would be a generalized statement but the things which suit best to your baby. Be it a re..
Gift boxes are great ...
Gift boxes are great when it comes to gifting someone as it provided an assorted collection in one place. The Ballotin Little Box of Love Gift Box is quite a unique one as it comes packed with six cocoa and s..
The bath bomb soufflé...
The bath bomb soufflé by Ancient Wisdom is not your regular bath bomb. Even the name adds more to the temptation that is created by the bath bomb soufflé. Created with an intention to provide extra fizz and e..
The bath bomb soufflé...
The bath bomb soufflés by Ancient Wisdom are literally a treat for everyone, particularly all the people looking for relaxation. They come in a massive 130g size and are literally an explosion of fun and fizz..
Essential oils and fr...
Essential oils and fragrances are very much popular these days. People are enjoying the usage of these essential oils in their daily lives which is giving them relief from several problems. This pack has r..
A body wash that ...
A body wash that calms the skin, while moisturizing it at the same time, Bentley Organic Calming and Moisturizing Bodywash is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Created from eighty percent organic..
The Berry Christmas C...
The Berry Christmas Cracker is packed with three festive bath blasters with essential oils and natural butters like Fresh Berry, Cherry Bathewell and It’s Xmas. The decorative cracker is beautifully designed ..
Body ache bath oil fr...
Body ache bath oil from Abluo is penetrating bath oil made up of natural oils and is usually meant for treating people with rheumatism and arthritis or any other similar type of deep joint pains and aches. It..
The 500ml of Aven...
The 500ml of Avena Bubble Bath Base sells for £15.99. It is free of sodium sodium laureth sulphate and it doesn’t use any paraben as is common in other shampoos, conditions, hair creams or gels, bath prod..
Christmas is not only...
Christmas is not only a season of the best holiday celebrations it is a time when families unite and come together. Naturally when people come together on holidays, there are feasts with the most amazing arra..
When one reads the na...
When one reads the name of the jumbo bath bomb by Ancient Wisdom, it comes off as kind of a pleasant surprise. While the bath bomb may seem like something that wouldn’t really be great to some people, the Chr..
This particular flavo...
This particular flavored bath bomb by Ancient Wisdom is one of those unique flavors that you don’t normally find in the markets. A quirky combination of two most amazing and powerful natural smells, cinnamon ..
This product is spec...
This product is specially formulated with Argan nuts and black soap, two powerful ingredients that work to moisturize and to get rid of skin impurities, without harming it in the process. Why do you have ..
Shea butter is one of...
Shea butter is one of the most amazing natural things that can be used for the skin. In addition to its amazing smell, Shea butter has been used for ages to make skin silky and smooth. To make the idea of a b..
Ground walnut shell w...
Ground walnut shell when blended with pink grapefruit makes for a very effective exfoliating soap bar. It is a great solution for having silky smooth skin. This soap bar has undergone the process of producti..
Created especially fo...
Created especially for Christmas, these jumbo bath bombs by Ancient Wisdom are amazing for making you feel special, happy and joyful. The holly berry mistletoe jumbo bath bomb is an amazing treat for all bath..
The blend of purified...
The blend of purified rose, essential oils, rose petals and dried lavender extracts makes the jar set all the more refreshing, even more owing to its mind blowing fragrance and ability of soothing and relievi..
This fully natural an...
This fully natural and organic Lavera toothpaste that will help you fantastically nourish even the most problematic gums and teeth. This very sensitive formula is fully certified and recognized by the Europea..
Mint & Bergam...
Mint & Bergamot Greenscape Organic Bath & Shower Gel is a luxury hand and body lotion containing essential oils such as bergamot, spearmint, tea tree, ylang ylang, lemon and argan. The result is a..
THE FREEZING OF SHOWER is employed for problems of skin, muscular pains tired articulations, it continued to be subjected to symptoms of exposure has a hostile environment where one finds: pollution, the chem..
The 3 Piece Gift ...
The 3 Piece Gift Set of Organic Mint & Bergamot from Greenscape sells for £34.99. There are very few organic gifts that can outdo the eclectic combination of healthy essential oils, the likes of spear..
he Shea butter bath b...
he Shea butter bath bomb in oriental musk by Ancient Wisdom is one of those flavors that one doesn’t really expect would exist. Made especially for men, this bath bomb has an amazing and strong scent. Orienta..
Paul Penders Herbal M...
Paul Penders Herbal Moisture Shower Gel is a gently foaming shower gel perfect for all skin types. This new Herbal Shower Gel leaves you clean, refreshed and hydrated with a delicious aroma. There are no hars..
Paul Penders Natural ...
Paul Penders Natural Baby Shower Gel is an organic shower gel that helps in protecting the soft and tender skin of your baby. Brought to you by Paul Penders, the undisputed name in the baby cosmetics ind..
For all the people th...
For all the people that love unique and fresh aromas that are sweet and tangy, the Shea butter raspberry black pepper bath bomb is the perfect thing. A unique flavor that makes you imagine a smell even when y..
For centuries Shea bu...
For centuries Shea butter has been identified and known as something very magical for the skin in particular. Extracted from the Shea tree, the fatty substance has been known to have proven qualities for mois..
Rose & Geranium O...
Rose & Geranium Organic Bath and Shower Gel is available in a 300ml bottle, selling for £12.99. The luxurious bath & shower gel contains the blended essential oil extracted from geranium and rose. T..
The 500ml Shower Gel ...
The 500ml Shower Gel Base sells from £15.99. It is a completely organic shower gel base free of paraben and sodium laureth sulphate. It is a fitting base to a plethora of shower gels. You can use this base ..
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Natural Bath and Shower Products from Naturelle

Ever bought an expensive shower gel or cream that gave you rashes after just one use? Ever had a bath scrub that promised you smooth skin but instead got your skin looking red, and painful to touch while the scrub felt like sand paper? These kinds of bath products are usually made of synthetic and unnatural ingredients that are most likely irritating your skin. The only way to ensure that you get the best bath care products is to buy only products made with natural ingredients.

Naturelle Cosmetics has a great line of all natural bath products that’s made with non-synthetic ingredients and is perfect for your skin. The ingredients that they use come directly from Mother Nature which means you are not putting any potentially toxic and harmful products on your skin. The team behind Naturelle Cosmetics has spent countless hours perfecting their all natural line to make sure that you get only the best.

Naturelle Cosmetic’s organic bath products won’t irritate your skin. They don’t contain harmful chemicals that could cause rashes and unwanted breakouts. There’s also no added scent which could sometimes be the cause for skin irritation. They’re so safe to use that you can use them every day.

Naturelle Cosmetics all natural bath and organic shower products use ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, almond oil and other natural essential oils that are known for being your skin’s natural ally against aging, wrinkling and other skin problems. These ingredients have been used since the ancient times and have time and time again proven effective at keeping the skin radiant and young looking.

Some people worry that products made with natural ingredients are not as effective as the more commercially available bath and shower products made with synthetic materials are. Some even argue that they lack the deep cleansing power that these some commercially available products contain. The reason behind this is that these products contain harmful chemicals that may give immediate results but are actually very bad for your skin. The harsh chemicals might actually be stripping your skin of its natural oils and might only give you temporary relief from your skin problems. On the other hand, products with natural ingredients maintain your skin’s pH levels and aid your skin’s natural regenerating process.

If you buy natural bath products uk from Naturelle Cosmetics you’ll find that you have something that feels rich and luxurious on your skin. The bath and shower line from Naturelle Cosmetics can be compared to spa quality products so you’ll feel like you’re spending a day at the spa every time you take a bath. Try the hair and body cleansing gel for an all in one bath care product while you are travelling. If you need to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt and grime use their Exfoliant Shower Gel. You should also try the olive oil shower gel for a huge dose of moisture on your skin.1You will never go wrong with products made with all-natural ingredients. Try Naturelle Cosmetics today.