Mysore Sandal Soap 3 Pack



Mysore Sandal Soap 3 Pack

The essence of sandal wood along with its magical properties is now within your reach, thanks to the Mysore Sandal soap 3 Pack. No matter how much changes the cosmetic industry undergoes, the craze regarding the sandal soap continues to be the same. This pack of Mysore soaps comes in a beautiful pack of three box. It contains purely natural vegetable bases which are great skin moisturizers and conditioners. The sandalwood oil is of the purest quality as it is sourced from the best place which produces it. Sandalwood is known since decades for its cleansing and skincare enhancing properties. Sandalwood enhances skin complexion whilst making it soft and beautiful. This is a testament to the tradition of the sandalwood sourced from skin. This beautiful pack would be a great gift for your special someone.

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