Muscle Ease Massage Oil from Abluo



Muscle Ease Massage Oil from Abluo

Muscle ease massage oil from Abluo is deeply restoring massage oil that is helpful in restoring naturally overexerted muscles. It is made up all essential oils like lavender, rosemary and thyme. This is basically a rich blend of essential oils that can be massaged into the muscle groups for promoting blood circulation, refreshing tissues and releasing tension. It is rich in natural ingredients for moisturizing, conditioning and nourishing the skin. The oil penetrates into the skin so as to maintain moisture and heal bruises and swelling. This oil helps in reducing swelling, inflammation and the effect of muscle strains, in improving muscle sprain recovery, in healing bruises and in soothing muscle pain. It also helps in aromatherapy apart from soothing muscle pains and aches. It is highly recommended by professional aroma therapists and runners training for London Marathon. It is also used by people before and after sports to heal the muscle aches.

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