Beaming Baby Bambo Maxi Plus Nappies (46's)

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Beaming Baby Bambo Maxi Plus Nappies (46 s)

The Beaming Baby Bambo Maxi Plus Nappies are manufactured especially with bio-degradable disposable material to help keep your baby safe from harmful substances and to the environment. As per the study the babies did not suffer any kind of rash even after use for ten days. The reason for this is that Beaming Baby Bambo Maxi Nappies do not contain any harsh chemicals as this can be harmful to the babies. These nappies give the child extreme comfort with stretchy back, side panels and the bigger size of the Nappy. The baby is comfortable while sleeping as the nappy is manufactured with absorbent material. As the fast absorption gives a dry surface, the baby gets undisturbed sleep. Due to this, there is no disturbance from the child and the mother can enjoy a peaceful sleep. These Beaming Baby Bambo Maxi Nappies are very thin. In fact this is as thin as a bed sheet. Automatically the nappy becomes breathable and helps the child to have a comfortable sleep.

Bambo nappies contain a fabric-feel polypropene layer, absorbant pulp material, wheat starch and polyacrylate. The fabric-feel back sheet is made from polypropylene, polyethelene and calcium carbonate. The hook and loop closure system is made from polypropelene. The glue used is hot melt made from resin and wax. Elastication made from elastothane.

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