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The Bébilou Hair &...
The Bébilou Hair & body cleansing gel cleans with softness. It is easy to use because of 2 in 1, very calming down and encouraging the sleep and the digestion of baby...
We are all grown-ups ...
We are all grown-ups now and our skin has learnt to adapt to the changing surroundings, atmospheric pressure and other changes. But when it comes to taking care of a baby’s skin, it is best recommended that y..
It is of utmost impor...
It is of utmost importance that you provide only the best things for your baby. Elaborating on the topic, ‘best things’ would be a generalized statement but the things which suit best to your baby. Be it a re..
The Beaming Baby Bamb...
The Beaming Baby Bambo Maxi Plus Nappies are manufactured especially with bio-degradable disposable material to help keep your baby safe from harmful substances and to the environment. As per the study the ba..
The Beaming Baby Bamb...
The Beaming Baby Bambo Midi Nappies are specially manufactured with bio-degradable disposable material to help the environment and to keep your baby safe from harmful substances. It has been noticed that even..
Nappy rash, Eczem...
Nappy rash, Eczema, Asthma, and other sensitive skin problems are common with ordinary nappies. With Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable Mini Nappies, your baby will be wearing something that will keep them comfo..
Beaming Baby Orga...
Beaming Baby Organic Baby Lotion has more than 90% organic ingredients including aloe, sesame seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, citrus floral water and Vitamin-E rich tocopherols among others. The 250ml ..
Perfect for a hap...
Perfect for a happy bath time for both mother and baby, the Beaming Baby Org Baby Sea Sponge is a large, flawlessly soft sponge. The sponge is designed to not only feel very comfortable, even soothing to ..
If you are lookin...
If you are looking for a beautifully absorbent, wonderfully soothing-to-the-touch sponge, then you will certainly want to consider the Beaming Baby Org Baby Sea Sponge Natural. Made from organically-gro..
Beaming Baby Orga...
Beaming Baby Organic Shampoo Bodywash assures a satiating bathing experience. The gentle bodywash and shampoo will not cause any discomfort for your baby. While babies love the refreshing and moisturizing..
Babies have sensi...
Babies have sensitive skin. Some may have oilier skin than others and some may need more moisturizing. Bentley Organic Baby Oil is an ideal substitute for random oils or moisturizers. The 250ml pack of ..
If you want your ...
If you want your skin to feel satin smooth, then you will definitely want to learn more about Bentley Organic Calming Body Lotion. This lightweight lotion is quick to absorb into the skin. Combined with..
Bentley Organic K...
Bentley Organic Kids Toy Sanitizer (500ml) is an essential product for every family with kids. All toys need to be cleaned from time to time to prevent infants and toddlers from biting, chewing, licking o..
The nifty 50ml pa...
The nifty 50ml pack of Bentley Organic Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer is the befitting solution to unclean hands and the perennial anxiety of tending to your baby without compromising on impeccable hygi..
There are many wa...
There are many ways to prevent nappy rash. Even if you are timely frequent and meticulous with the nappy changing routine, you ought to care for the baby’s skin. Nappies can keep a baby’s skin too moist a..
Skin treatment can be...
Skin treatment can be an extremely painful area to cover given the fact that our is different for different individuals. One of the most difficult jobs is to maintain the area of the extra layer of fat that w..
Dr Bronner Baby M...
Dr Bronner Baby Mild Castille Liquid Soap is the answer to dry skin. Adults and kids who have dry skin often have to deal with increased sensitivity. Not every soap or oil will have the desired moisturizi..
We already know w...
We already know what chamomile can do when it is brewed as a soothing, relaxing tea. You can also find the many benefits of chamomile in Earth Friendly Baby Org Chamomile Body Lotion. Dermatologically-a..
Dermatologically-approved for the sensitive skin of babies, Earth Friendly Baby Org Lavender Body Lotion is 99% natural organic, 53.2% organic, and is certified organic cosmetic by Ecocert Greenlife. This..
This Gentle cleansin...
This Gentle cleansing lotion isn’t only for adults but also for children. it has a gentle action on the skin, including skin cell renewal and repair with its generous Aloe Vera content.Aloe Vera is known ..
The Green People Orga...
The Green People Organic Babies Newborn Hamper is a very good gift to the mother or a woman expecting a baby. These products are manufactured with organic ingredients. The Green People Organic Babies Newborn ..
This scent-free b...
This scent-free baby oil is designed to soothe the skin of your tiny child quickly and effectively. This is an impressive, beneficial blend of natural, safe oils. They are designed to not only balance the..
Green People Soothing...
Green People Soothing Baby Oil Scent Free is prepared with Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Rosehip. This gentle oil is very good for regular moisturizing. You can have a very good massage..
This milk massage cr...
This milk massage cream is perfect for all skin types because it soothes and moisturizes skin without harming or irritating it in the process, but only leaving it soft and supple all the time. It is one of..
Organii SPF 50 Sun Mi...
Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk is a protective fluid that helps in protecting the delicate skin of the baby. It is an organic sunscreen and is thus safe for sensitive and delicate skin. This Organic Sun Milk co..
The Alpha Bisabolol C...
The Alpha Bisabolol Cell Renewal Serum is a clinically proven product, ideal for removing stretch marks and the appearance of scars and adjusting uneven skin tone. It is a highly effective anti-scar and anti-..
Paul Penders Natural ...
Paul Penders Natural Baby Shower Gel is an organic shower gel that helps in protecting the soft and tender skin of your baby. Brought to you by Paul Penders, the undisputed name in the baby cosmetics ind..
Paul Penders Natural ...
Paul Penders Natural Baby Body Lotion is a natural body lotion containing LevensESSENTIE Gold, a mixture of 22 herbs. Paul Penders, its manufacturer, is a company with 40 years of experience in producing skin..
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Natural Baby Care Products - Organic Baby Care Products From Naturelle

Conventional baby products are marketed for, you guessed it, babies and toddlers. But is there more to a product than its label? Could it be that some of these shampoos, baby cleansers, and lotions are suitable for adults as well?

The truth is, commercialism has successfully ingrained a compartmentalized mindset among consumers, wherein men should use men products, women should only use “pink” and feminine beauty items, etc. This has prompted the average person to spend more on beauty and personal care than necessary. Thanks to natural baby care products that are continuously being launched in the market, more and more consumers are seeing the multi-purpose nature of personal care items and toiletries. After all, if a body wash or shampoo is so gentle that even a delicate baby can handle it, what more an adult?

It’s important to note that adults are exposed to more grime, dirt, and foreign substances than babies. Therefore, this article does not imply that you should completely switch to organic baby products; this is simply to present the fact that yes, it’s perfectly okay to use baby products, even if you’re 25, 38, or 59. 

Here are a few ways on how to incorporate baby products in your personal hygiene routine:

Baby Oil

If you’ve run out of eye makeup remover, baby oil is your go-to product. It effectively removes waterproof mascara and stubborn eye makeup, but delicate enough not to irritate the eyes. Baby oil is also a great shaving cream alternative.

Of course, baby oil also has moisturizing properties that makes it great for dry skin, especially those desert-like elbows and knees. Moms who buy mother and baby products swear by baby oil as an amazing moisturizer and overall multi-purpose item.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is not only velvety soft, but smells so heavenly too. Its use is not limited to preventing baby rash and making your baby smell so cuddly; it’s also a multi-tasking product that’s great for adults as well.

The next time you buy mother and baby products, purchase an extra bottle of baby powder. It serves as an alternative dry shampoo, particularly if mixed with equal parts baking powder. It’s also a go-to makeup staple. Dusting some baby powder on your lashes instantly gives it a fuller look. You can also use it to set makeup, so there’s no need to buy expensive setting powders. Lastly, baby powder is also effective in removing sand from the body, especially when you’re in the beach and having trouble cleaning yourself up after a sun-bathing session.

Baby Shampoo/Wash

Baby shampoo is extremely delicate and devoid of any harmful chemicals, which is why some women use it as clarifying shampoo. Some even go as far as saying that baby shampoo helps remove dandruff. If you’re suffering from flaky scalp, why not give it a try?1When buying baby shampoo in the mother and baby care UK store aisle, look for one that doubles as a baby wash. This is great for days when you’re in a hurry and need a quick bath. Simply lather the baby shampoo/wash on your hair, all the way down to your toes. Be as clean, soft, and fragrant as a baby.

Baby Wipes

Who can forget baby wipes? This baby product is probably the number one most versatile item on this list. Baby wipes are great for a number of things: to remove makeup, to eliminate deodorant stains, to remove stray hairs off your pet, to tame flyaway hair, to wipe restaurant tables and other surfaces, to give your leather shoes an instant shine, to clean your gadgets, and of course, to clean your hands, face, and body if there’s no available water and soap.

The next time you go to the supermarket, why not buy organic baby care products along with your usual stash of hygiene items? Not only is it more cost-efficient, but delicately effective too.