Healing Mineral Consealers


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Healing Mineral Consealers

Sleepless and Panda eyes are the worst thing in a day, especially when you have to meet many clients in that day. You need some magic to hide it all and you only can get it in concealers. Natural Healing Mineral Concealers will give you the best touch ever with only organic ingredients.

The Perfect Touch Up

Naturelle provides many types of organic concealers for you and one of it is the healing mineral concealer. It is totally safe for any type of skin and you do not need to worry if you put more of the concealers. Just information for you, when you want to apply the concealers, you need to choose the most similar color of the concealers that suit to your skin tone. Try to blend the concealers nicely, make sure it blends well, so no one will realize you put the concealers on your face. Hide everything you want to hide and keep your face secret behind the concealers. How is the concealers quality from elemental beauty? You do not need to doubt it. it is not only safe, but it also comes in elegant design and package. You will love to have it! it is your time to try it!

Please note: This product will be hand-crafted for you upon order receipt and will be shipped within 5 days. If you have some other products in your shopping cart - they will be delivered to you separately and faster as per our delivery policy.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin, Silica Microspheres, Allantoin, Iron Oxides

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