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Men are very much awa...
Men are very much aware of the itching sensation after a shave, be it with a razor or an electric shaver. This after shave cream is manufactured by using a blend of different essential oils which would help ..
As the name suggests,...
As the name suggests, the shampoo is for him. It also indicates that he is facing problem from falling hair and needs to restore the old glory. This Alva for Him Reactivate Shampoo is the first of its kind in..
The 50ml bottle of Be...
The 50ml bottle of Beard Oil from Avena sells for £7.99. The beard oil helps increase the volume of beard. Made of natural oils extracted from plants, it can nourish the beard and moustache. It can also ma..
The eyes are one of ...
The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your face. They’re susceptible to developing irritation and capturing impurities in the surroundings and absorbing stress we give them from our daily activit..
This Face cream for ...
This Face cream for men with Argan oil and hyaluronic acid is for men who desire to look great all the time with healthy and young-looking skin. It is safe to use daily and it has no artificial dyes and fr..
Men’s deodorant is a...
Men’s deodorant is an essential in every grooming and hygiene kit. This product is for men who want to smell clean and fresh all day long without the sweat and body odor no matter how active his lifestyle ..
This after-shave loti...
This after-shave lotion by Paul Penders is both calming and moisturizing. Along with their unique blend of beneficial herbs, this formula also contains hyaluronic acid and natural sulphur, which is known to a..
This Paul Penders men...
This Paul Penders men’s shower and shampoo is completely vegan containing organic herbs, plant oils, and the finest of various natural fragrances. The vitamins and antioxidants contained in this formula will ..
Paul Penders Men’s Be...
Paul Penders Men’s Best Toner is uniquely formulated to benefit the structure of a man’s skin. This product is botanical and certified vegan made of herbal extract containing organic herbs, plant oils, and th..
Paul Penders Men’s Be...
Paul Penders Men’s Best Natural Cleanser is uniquely formulated to benefit the structure of a man’s skin. This product is botanical and certified vegan made of herbal extract containing organic herbs, plant o..
Aftershave cream ligh...
Aftershave cream light texture with pronounced revitalizing properties. It gives the skin a boost of energy, preventing it from redness and enriching it with precious extracts of aloe vera, witch hazel and ch..
Right after a shave w...
Right after a shave when the skin becomes stiff or dry and at times as scars or bruises grow on the skin, one ought to use an after shave balm or an ointment which fulfills a similar purpose in order to nouri..
You must be wondering...
You must be wondering which kinds of creams or ointments must you apply for both sensitive and ordinary skin and also during seasonal changes; the easiest answer to your question is the kind of cream ought to..
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Women aren’t only the ones needing organic products, but also men.  This is why Naturelle Cosmetics introduces you to our complete line of men’s body and face products containing no harmful but only healthful skin ingredients.

Aside from this fact, we also recognize the big difference between the skin of men and women. In this case, we’ve created specific products just for you!

The reason is that you should not use women’s skincare and body care solutions, but only especially formulated men’s products to maximize their benefits for you. See the following for your information about the differences of your skin from women’s, on a structural viewpoint.

  • Skin thickness: Your skin is up to 25 percent thicker than that of women, mainly due to the level of androgens and testosterones in your system, causing the thickness of your skin. But like women, your skin is also susceptible to thinning as you come of age. 

  • Collagen density: Great news—men’s collagen density is higher than that of women’s, reason the latter may age faster than men do. 

  • Texture: Men’s skin texture is very different from women, as you have the tendency to have rougher and thicker skin. Also, men, after puberty, experience higher sebum production than women do, accounted for why you may have longer-lasting acne.

Naturelle Cosmetics recognize these differences and so we’re bringing you specially formulated men’s products to take care of your body, face and skin—only with the most natural skincare ingredients, sourced from nature’s pesticide-and-chemical-free harvests.

These ingredients include vegetable oils and essences from top herbals known to deliver ultimate skin healing, rejuvenating and moisturizing effects.

Our men’s products do not contain any parabens, glycols and formaldehydes, along with other artificial and chemical ingredients that pose immediate and long-term skin and health damage. They do not also have isopropyl alcohol (which may cause vomiting, mental depression and headaches when vapor is inhaled), mineral oil (which impacts skin cell function and development leading to premature aging) and sodium lauryl sulfate (which are used widely in products that foam, including shaving creams and gels causing long-term health damage, such as eye damage and depression).

You don’t have to put yourself in danger using synthetic men’s body care and skincare solutions if you have a better choice—organic men’s products, including after-shave cream, face cream, deodorant and eye gel. For holistic body, face and skincare solutions, you got reasons to switch to Naturelle Cosmetics men’s products!

  • No parabens, chemically-derived ingredients: We’re proud to be a certified organic company, meaning we only use pesticide-free and artificial-fertilizer-free herbals and plants in the manufacture of our men’s products, meaning they contain no chemicals and artificial colorants, ingredients and perfumes that can irritate and damage your skin and body. 

  • Full nutrient absorption: What you feed your skin eventually gets into your bloodstream.   Without even saying, your body will be flooded with toxins and contaminants if what you feed your skin are synthetic products. You can avoid this problem by choosing our men’s products that are loaded with healthful, organic ingredients for total skincare and body pampering effects. 

  • Green products: Our Company is proud to say that it is our mission to help nature in its fight versus global warming. In this case, our products are low in carbon footprint, as they’re not made with pollutants and chemicals to further cause pollution and degrade the air; water and soil we need to survive.  

  • Zero skin irritation, allergies and diseases: As these men’s products are organic, they don’t cause side effects, including skin irritation and damage, even with long-term use. You can depend on them to promote overall skincare without damaging your skin in the process. Unlike poisonous mixtures found in chemical shaving creams and gels, ours contain only organic plant-based ingredients that bring you spotless skin, while at the same time, promoting a better immune system.

So for total men’s skincare solutions, choose Naturelle Cosmetics for men that work gentler over time, promoting smoother, younger-looking skin longer!