Melissa Lemon Balm Essential Oil


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Melissa Lemon Balm Essential Oil

The Melisa Lemon Balm Essential Oil is very good to lift your energy. It helps you to drive away sadness in your mind and inspire joy and hope. The oil helps you to maintain the respiratory and cardiovascular system in normal condition. It also helps you to ward off frequent attacks of cold.

The oil can be used as a tonic for the cure of the nervous system. The oil is also good for curing vertigo, convulsions and nervousness.

This oil relaxes the body, mind and soul. Due to this relaxation, the oil helps you to have good sleep without any sleeping pill.

This oil is helpful to control spasm like convulsions, muscular cramps, and uncontrollable cough. You should be careful about these symptoms as any of it can turn into lethal.

The oil is also very helpful for the smooth functioning of the digestive process and also helps it to protect from infections.

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