Lavender Flower Water



Lavender Flower Water

Lavender is one of the most renowned therapeutic flowers. It has one of the cleanest aromas. It is known for relieving tension and anxiety. For centuries lavender water has been used as a common medicine. Even hundreds of years ago people carried around vials of lavender water to smell and to sprinkle upon themselves to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety. The steam distillation process that is used to make essential oil leaves behind a product which when mixed with water, creates lavender water. Lavender flower water is mildly acidic which is great for the skin. When used on the skin it works as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory product. Ancient Wisdom provides you with completely natural lavender water which you can use on your skin, hair, body, clothes, practically everything. It is especially useful for acne treatment, sunburn skin cooler, room mist and linen spray.

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