Kula Spa Hand Lotion 30ml



Kula Spa Hand Lotion 30ml

Coming in a 30 ml light weight and small sized container, the kula spa hand lotion is a perfect winter lotion which can not only get rid of skin dryness and seasonal scars, marks and spots but also keeps the skin sound and healthy. A careful massage with the hand lotion can keep the body fit and free from environmental elements, exertion and all forms of anxiety. Owing to its ideal size, the container is very much portable and you slip it into your purse, vanity bag or pocket whenever you desire to; in work places or during occasions and parties you can take the lotion in a small portion and spread it uniformly on the surface of the skin.

The ingredients comprise of sea extracts and other natural compounds which automatically enhance the amount of nourishment and beauty of body. It is manufactured in Venice.

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