Juniper & Lemon Balm Gentle Toner



Juniper & Lemon Balm Gentle Toner

Juniper has long been established as one of those products which are extremely effective in fighting all sorts of skin problems, which are potentially dangerous, like rashes, inflammation of the skin at patches and bumps. Be it pimples or acne, Juniper will take care of all the problems. So, Great Elm has launched the first Toner in the market with the greatness of Juniper in the ‘Juniper Lemon Balm and Gentle Toner’. The richness of Juniper is blended beautifully with aromatic lemon balm, which is 100 percent organic, and there are no chemicals present in its composition, since chemicals do more harm than they heal. It is recommended that one uses this product for the purpose of removing acne and preventing oily skin, but having said, this product can also be used to tone you face and give it a revived look. As with all other Great Elm products, this too is harmless and skin-friendly.

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