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Coming in a package o...
Coming in a package of three set of lip balms, the gift set is beautiful and serves numerous purposes. Especially for coffee lovers, this lip balm set is ideal as it not only smells of coffee but also prevent..
The cooks coffee soap...
The cooks coffee soap slices (100g each) are one of the herbal soaps by Ancient Wisdom. A part of the mother earth herbal soap range, the cooks coffee soap is a delicious and soothing soap. Made particularly ..
There’s two kinds of ...
There’s two kinds of people in the world. The ones that love coffee and the ones that don’t. But whether or not you love to drink coffee in any way, one thing you have to admit is that the smell of cocoa bean..
Indulge your skin wit...
Indulge your skin with the lush and invigorating benefits of this all-natural and organic coffee body scrub. Packed with essential oils supercharged with skin-loving benefits that exfoliate and smooth, your s..
Apart from your daily...
Apart from your daily cup of coffee, what else do you know about coffee? Do you know that it have amazing benefits for your skin? Yes, this is true. Coffee scrubs have been on the rise in the recent years as ..
The skin is the large...
The skin is the largest organ in our body. It absorbs about 60% to 80% of what it comes into contact with. When you use commercial cosmetic products, perfumes, lotions, scrubs and oil, all the ingredients in ..
Though many of us wou...
Though many of us would have come across lavender mint scrubs and it is quite possible that we may not have the right information and knowledge about the same. They do much more than merely acting as a massag..
All of us would like ...
All of us would like to look and feel young. While we take care of our hair, nails and women even make use of lipsticks and other makeup products to make our face look beautiful, we also need to take care of ..
Those who are keen on...
Those who are keen on keeping their skin in the best of condition would certainly like to know more about Ylang Ylang. There is no denying the fact that keeping our skin in good shape is easier said than done..
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