ILOVESKIN Scar Oil 20ml

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ILOVESKIN Scar Oil 20ml

ILOVESKIN Scar Oil is a completely natural, concentrated formula for reducing the visibility of scars on the skin and speed up the wound healing process. This nourishing, multipurpose oil is full of antioxidants and those essential ingredients that help regenerate the skin cells, fade spots and nourish the skin. It won't be wrong to call it an anti-aging oil as it possesses capabilities such as reducing acne and its marks, pimples, spots, and scarring and promoting faster healing of the skin.

It contains rosehip oil, natural vitamin E, concentrated CO2, and extracts of sea buckthorn, calendula, and carrot root along with the essential oils of lavender, rosemary, frankincense, sage, neroli, vetiver and helichrysum which contain restoring and healing properties. Since almost every ingredient used in the manufacture of this product has reviving and regenerative actions, it is no doubt an ideal natural treatment for alleviating, reducing, and healing scars and overall damaged skin.

Iloveskin Scar Oil

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