Organic Skin Care Ingredients

Aren't you better off using nature to take care of your skin?

When you look at the list of ingredients on various skin care products, I'm sure you that you have noticed the long list of chemical compounds with names that no one can pronounce. I have no idea what most of them are. Does it make you worried that you are putting something that came out of a laboratory on your skin instead of something organic and natural? That's why you should look into putting more organic skin care ingredients into your skin care routine. That will help you to have healthier skin and feel better as you do it.

Organic ingredients come from nature, not the laboratory

The natural world is full of wonderful things for you and your body. Think about all of the food that is growing out there right now waiting to nourish you and help you live your life. The same is true for products to help you care for your skin. You can find many of these treasures in the food that you eat, but it is hard to control how much you get into your system that way. Look for ways to supplement your ingredients and make sure that you have the proper balance in your life. Also look into plants you can grow at home to help keep some of these ingredients handy. (I love having an aloe plant at home to use whenever I have a cut or scrape since it is an all natural way to help promote healing of that damaged skin.

Do some research to help you know more about the best products for you.

The internet is a treasure trove of resources that can help you learn all that you need to know about the various organic skin care ingredients you can find out there. Take some of the labels you have around your house and start researching what is actually in that container. You may find that you are already using organic ingredients and you didn't even know it. The more you explore and learn, the more you will appreciate what you can do with an all natural skin care regimen and you will see amazing result in your skin's health and appearance. Give it a try and find out what you may have been missing out on. Don't delay, your skin will thank you.  

Benefits of Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka) Hydrosol/Distillate
Leptospermum scoparium is the botanical name for Manuka. Manuka extract can be in the form of oil or essential and flower water, also known as hydrosol or distillate. Leptospermum scoparium extracts are not for their antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antifungal, anti allergenic and antihistaminic properties. It is also used in fragrances and aromatherapy owing to its pleasant odor. The aroma is what makes it a great relaxant as well, or one of the ingredients in a relaxant. The oil has traditionally been used as a treatment against dandruff. The extracts have been used as treatment for stings and bites. In many cultures, manuka is a natural antidote to stings and bites of insects.
Benefits of Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract
Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is also known as Milfoil, Nosebleed and Old Man's Pepper. Achillea millefolium is the botanical name for the herb belonging to the Asteraceae family. Yarrow extract has traditionally been used for cuts and wounds, to provide relief from cold and hypertension, to treat dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. The herbal extract is known for its antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti rheumatic, antispasmodic and anti cancer properties. The bitter extract is an astringent, depurative, styptic, febrifuge and vulnerary. The aerial parts of the plant are also put to widespread use, just as the essential oil or the extract.
Benefits of Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract
Actinidia Chinensis is the scientific name of Kiwi, also known as Chinese gooseberry. A hundred grams of kiwi fruit contain sixty one kilo calories of energy, around fifteen grams of carbohydrates, a gram of protein, half a gram of fat, three grams of dietary fiber and absolutely no cholesterol. The fruit extract contains folates, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamins A, C, E and K, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, carotene-β and Lutein-zeaxanthin. Kiwi fruit extract is one of the more popular ingredients of natural skin care products. Given the popularity and how widespread its use is in organic skin care, one would imagine the fruit and its benefits to have been known to the whole world for a long time. That is not the case. It is one of the few herbal wonders that have burst onto the global scene in the last ten years.
Benefits of Pyrus Cydonia (Quince) Fruit Extract
Quince, also known as Pyrus cydonia or Cydonia oblonga, is a fruit. It is related to pears and apple but is quite unusual in comparison. The tree is quite small. The deciduous plant has yellowish or golden fruit that is quite valuable for its many benefits. The fruit looks like pear and also has some similar properties but there are many unusual or rather different attributes. Quince is grown widely in Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Macedonia and Hungary among other Eurasian countries. There are many benefits of the quince fruit extract. It is one of the many herbal ingredients being used in natural skin care products these days.
Benefits of Euphrasia Officinalis (eyebright) Extract
Euphrasia officinalis is the botanical name of an annual plant commonly called eyebright. It has many alternate names including meadow eyebright, euphrasia, red eyebright, ögontröst in Swedish, eufrasia in Spanish, augentrostkraut in German, augnfró in Icelandic and casse-lunettes in French. The plant was a native to Europe but is today grown all around the world. Eyebright grows up to fifteen centimeters tall. It is semi parasitic or parasitic since it clings on to the roots of host plants to extract nutrition. The plant has square stems and serrated green leaves. The blooming period of the plant is July through September. The plant has flowers, usually purple and white with stripes and spots. The aerial parts of Euphrasia officinalis are used for a plethora of medicinal purposes.
Benefits of Chamomile Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract
Chamomilla Recutita, often spelled as chamomile, is also known as Matricaria recutita or German chamomile and Chamaemelum nobile or Roman chamomile. These are different species of chamomile. The term chamomile refers to various types of plants that look like daisy. Although chamomile flower extract may seem to be one of the newly discovered wonders used widely in natural skin care products, in reality it has been used for centuries. The flower extract is mostly known for its anti inflammatory properties.
Centaurea Cyanus (Cornflower) Flower Extract: The Skin Conditioning Agent in Natural Skin Care Products!
Centaurea cyanus, aka cornflower, is an annual plant native to the temperature countries in Europe but is now grown in Australia and North America. It was an endangered flowering plant in its natural habitat owing to agricultural intensification but steps have been taken to cultivate the plant for its many uses, most notable the extract of its flowers. Cornflower used to grow as weeds in cornfields. It wasn’t exactly a crop grown for financial or dietary ends. The other name of the plant is bachelor's button.
The Amazing Benefits of Citric Acid
Citric acid is an organic tricarboxylic acid. The chemical formula is C6H8O7. It is a naturally occluding compound found in most citrus fruits. It is actually an intermediate compound formed during the metabolism of aerobic organisms. Citric acid is widely used in natural skin care products, chelating agents and as an acidifier. It is also used for flavoring.
What is Decyl Glucoside?
You would notice many natural skin care products these days contain an ingredient called Decyl glucoside. It is an amber colored viscous liquid. It is used as a surfactant, which means the compound has the ability to reduce the friction caused when two liquids rub against each other or are mixed in a solution. Decyl glucoside is a natural compound. It is a non-ionic surfactant used in cleansing and foaming products all around the world. Decyl glucoside is procured from fatty alcohols in case of coconuts and glucose in case of sugar or starch. The raw and source materials of the compound are always plants or vegetation. The compound is gentle and mild. It helps in generating foam and has been used in a plethora of organic skin care products simply for this reason, other than being a surfactant. One of the standout features of the compound is the longevity of the foam produced. The foam is stable, which is not the case with other surfactants.
What is Xanthan Gum?
Xanthan gum, also known as E 415, is a polysaccharide. The chemical formula is C35H49O29. It is widely used as a food additive, thickening agent and in many natural skin care products. Xanthan gum can be extracted from simple sugars through fermentation. The compound has an ability to stable various mixtures so the different elements or ingredients don’t disintegrate. The compound is so named after Xanthomonas campestris, which is a bacteria strain used in fermentation to produce the polysaccharide.
Exploring Glycerin: The Natural Skin Softener!
Many natural skin care products contain glycerin, also spelled as glycerine. It is the same natural compound that has been used in soaps as well as in foods. It is widely used in alcoholic drinks in many countries, especially beer. There is a synthetic variant as well which must not be confused with the polyol compound called glycerol. Glycerol is an odorless and colorless viscous liquid. It is nontoxic and sweet to taste. Glycerol is found abundantly in all lipids that are classified as triglycerides. Glycerol is used as humectant in pharmaceutical products and as sweetener in foods. The IUPAC name of glycerol is Propane - 1, 2, 3-triol. It is also known as propanetriol and trihydroxypropane. The chemical formula of the compound is C3H8O3.
What are the benefits of Cocamidopropyl betaine?
Coconuts are all the rage these days, and with good reason. Not only is the meat of a coconut delicious, but there are also so many other health benefits that can be derived from this amazing fruit. Not only do we have coconut milk, and coconut oil, but there is also a product known as cocamidopropyl betaine that has great benefits for your skin and hair. It's a natural product that can improve how you look and feel. It's no wonder that this derivative of the coconut would be helpful in organic skin care.
How can Benzyl alcohol help my skin and hair?
Are you looking to find a natural option to improve your skin? It can be hard to find a natural way to take care of your skin and hair when we are living in a world filled with chemical concoctions designed to supposedly meet all of your needs, but it is hard to know what the end result will be without extensive testing and trials, but Benzyl alcohol is a natural skin care product that is found in many fruits and teas including apricots, cocoa, and honey. It was originally developed by nature rather than in a lab. That can mean great benefits for you.
Despite the name, orange blossom comes not from orange, but from bitter orange, a native bush of India, which was introduced in the Mediterranean during the Crusades. These shrubs are found all over southern Europe (Italy and Spain in particular) and Morocco. They produce small white flowers or striking pale pink often referred to as neroli. Orange blossom (or flower) adds an exotic touch to the cakes and is famous for its distinctive scent. You can get orange blossom water benefits from this article. Get ready to follow me as I show you its benefits.
There are many benefits you will enjoy after you decide to use organic products for cosmetic reasons. For example, you will avoid side effects associated with use of inorganic substances which have harmful chemicals. Before you decide to buy products which have stearic acids in organic cosmetics, there are many stores which sell the products, it is upon you to take your time and compare different stores so that you will decide on one which will assure you the best services. The best stores for you to buy from are those which operate online. This is necessary because when buying the cosmetic products online you will save a lot of money.
Reasons to Buy Organic Makeup
In the quest for great health, we eat balanced diet and go to the gym, and purchase only organic. While we are always taking good care of our bodies and all that, why don’t we also mind about what we put on them? Every day, our skins are exposed to so many things, and we apply creams and chemical-laden so that we look prettier. However, in the end, we are only damaging our skins by introducing different kinds of toxic substances in our bodies.
What is Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides?
Caprylic or Capric Triglyceride is a liquid which is oily in nature. It is made up of coconut oil and you see this liquid is used in many skin care products or cosmetics. This can be found in eye makeup, foundations, face creams as well as in lipsticks. It is considered to be one of the best ingredients for repairing skin as it contains fatty acids. Thus, it helps the skin to repair fast and also retains moisture resisting loss. It can also work like a thickener and is really good for any types of skin.
Benefits Of Butrospermum Parkii Butter
The fruit of Butyrospermum parkii is gathered, cold pressed and refined to form a soft paste, known as Shea Butter. Shea Butter is a plant-based emollient that mimics the lipid content of the skin. It works wonders on dry and dehydrated skin and deep wrinkles, promoting a soft, smooth, healthy appearance.
What Are Palmitoyl Collagen Amino Acids?
If one looks at the various newspaper and other sources of information it is quite likely we would come across a substance called Palmitoyl Collagen Amino Acid. So if you are one of those who are keen on getting the right answer to the question what are Palmitoyl Collagen Amino Acids then it is quite likely that you will find the next few lines interesting. It is a protein component which has the active ingredient collagen which plays a big role in giving new shape, look and texture to ageing skin. Hence today it is being use quite common to see many anti-aging creams having this substance with good results.
What is Linalool and how is it used in natural cosmetics
Linalool is a substance which is colorless and has aroma similar to that of bergamot oil and French lavender. The ingredient is used in many organic products. This is due to the many benefits associated with it. In order to enjoy all the cosmetic properties associated with the ingredient, you need to check on the labels of the cosmetic product which you are about to buy so that you will know whether they really contain the ingredient.
Those who are keen on knowing something more about common chemicals which are used in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and other such personal care products have all the reasons to find this article interesting and informative. It is a complex chemical and when used technically it could be referred to as an oleic acid ester with a combination of polyglycerin-4. This might look highly technical and difficult to understand.
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil Benefits In Organic Cosmetics
Helianthus Annuus seed oil is one of the most common ingredients in organic cosmetics, and there is a good reason for this.
Gatuline is a natural product used in restructuring the skin. It is very effective in restructuring ageing skin. The product has been fully certified as an organic product which can be used to fight aging signs in individuals who will like to have rejuvenated skin. The product has been equipped with necessary ingredients which stimulates epidermal layer regeneration. It promotes cutaneous reparation which makes it among the popular products for those who will like to keep it all natural when trying to fight ageing signs on their skins. People who use the product end up with smoother, fresher and more radiant skin. The product is very helpful in hydrating the skin hence making it more look younger. There are many people who have tried the product and they have great reviews to share. You too will be among the happy lot after you decide to apply Gatuline.
What Is CI19140 cosmetic ingredient?
Many savvy consumers are on the lookout for artificial colors in the foods they buy. However, most people are not aware that many of those same colors are found in cosmetics. C.I. 19140 is one such color additive. C.I. 19140, also known as tartrazine, is a lemon-colored azo dye that is either used by itself or in conjunction with other colorants in order to make a range of shades.
Benefits Of Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil Use In Natural Skin Care
People often face a lot of problems with their dry skin. Because of dry skin, wrinkles, acne and many other skin problems become very common. Flax seed also scientifically known as Linum Usitatissimum seed excrete a kind of oil. This oil is commonly known as flaxseed oil or Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil. It is a great source of healing compounds found in it. The use of this seed oil can be traced back to some 7000 years. It is thus used in many cosmetics and skin care product to heal the skin. There are many benefits of Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil use in natural skin care.
Phytic acid is used in a number of products which people use in their day-to-day life like cosmetics and oral care products. One of the main reasons for Phytic Acid use in natural cosmetics is it health benefits the users get from it being a vegetable based, natural and biodegradable product. It performs much better than various other chelating agents. Main health benefits of Phytic acid include its use as skin lightening and moisturising agent as well as the controller of sebum. It is also used in oral care products like toothpaste and mouth wash as it protects tooth enamel from various acidic effects.
What is Sucrose Stearate? This is a mixture of sugar sucrose and stearic acid. Stearic acid is a natural substance and sucrose can be derived from sugar cane and sugar beets. The mixture has great properties which make it widely used in cosmetic products. Stearic acid can be obtained from animal fats and coco butter. The great feel of cosmetic products is mostly attributed to the use of the substance. With the application of stearic acid, you will be assured of great success when trying to use certain beauty products. You can check on the packs of beauty products before buying them so that you will know whether they really contain the ingredient. Some of the uses of sucrose stearate in beauty products include the following:
Helichrysum italicum extract use in natural skin care
Helichrysum, a member of the Asteraceae family, is a natural medicinal plant that has been used for centuries due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its oil, helichrysum italicum extract, contains unique healing properties that make a useful antioxidant, an antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product. Several studies in the modern science have confirmed these benefits of this natural oil. In this article, I will take you through Helichrysum italicum extract use in natural skin care.
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