Haymax Pollen Barrier Balm Lavender (5ml 3 for 2)

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Haymax Pollen Barrier Balm Lavender (5ml 3 for 2)

Balms are rare, but Pollen Barrier Balms are rarer still. It is hard to find balms that actually prevent the harmful pollen from going in. We are all aware of the rise in pollution to the maximum levels recently, so it is almost mandatory for people to use pollen barrier balms to keep people healthy and fit for breathing. But the amount of chemicals and preservatives that the companies add to the ingredients of these balms, do more damage than they cure. Haymax has presented the ‘Pollen Barrier Balm Lavender’ that is completely harmless and is organic in nature. It goes about doing its job, and the absence of harmful chemicals and preservatives in its ingredients ensures that the user has no side effects. Winner of the ‘Best Product’ in The Natural Trade Show in Brighton, this balm has the richness of lavender, which leaves a sweet fragrance on the skin after its application.

Ingredients: Soil association certified Organic Sunflower oil, Soil association certified Beeswax, Soil Association certified Lavender essential oil.

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