Haymax Pollen Barrier Balm Frankincen (5ml 3 for 2)

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Haymax Pollen Barrier Balm Frankincen (5ml 3 for 2)

Pollution has been a major cause of concern for the nation now. Engineers have introduced sophisticated vehicles to curb both time and fuel, alright, but they have completely missed to check on the emission. Now engineers have to certainly go back to the basics to improve the emission. While they are at work, we should definitely focus on how we can prevent those harmful emissions from entering our body. There are quite a few pollen barrier balms out there, but they have other side effects, thanks to the chemicals and the conservatives that are blended with the ingredients. However, Haymax has presented the ‘Pollen Barrier Balm Frankincen’ that effectively keeps the harmful pollens out and prevents them from entering the body. The balm is completely organic in nature and they have no chemicals and harmful preservatives in their ingredients and as result, this balm has no side effects, making this one of the favorite among the customers.

Ingredients: Organic helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Organic cera flava (beeswax), Organic boswellia neglecta (frankincense).

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