Hand and Body Lotion 250ml Classic Blend No.8



Hand and Body Lotion 250ml Classic Blend No.8

Do you intend to give your skin a charming and placid appearance? Indulge yourself into this body lotion which is a classic amalgamation of herbal essential oils having an enormously high nourishing, hydrating and cooling power. The presence of water lilies and freesia in the lotion is very healthy and soothing which provides the moisturizer a lovely aroma, thereby making it one of the richest and most splendid toiletries of Venice.

The natural lotion is enriching and contains vitamin E which serves as a primary ointment for imparting a natural, and gorgeous look to your skin; The ointment has a soothing fragrance which can cure any individual from anxiety or eczema and acts as an anti depressant as well.

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