Fragrance Oils

Black musk is known f...
Black musk is known for its inherent characteristics of soothing your mind and body. These oils contain the best of essential oils which are added in the process after a thorough examination and after being ..
The Blackberry Fragra...
The Blackberry Fragrance Oil has a fruity fragrance and does not have a sweet scent. The fragrance oils manufactured by Avena are made using the best quality essential oils after a tried and tested method. ..
The fragrance of cher...
The fragrance of cherry is a sweet and beautiful one which is liked by many people. Thus the fragrance oil made of cherry extracts is quite popular in the market. It is made from the finest of cherries sourc..
This is the perfect b...
This is the perfect blend of fragrance during Christmas or any festivity. It contains cinnamon and all the necessary fragrances during the times of celebration. These fragrance oils are manufactured in a proc..
The Coconut Fragrance...
The Coconut Fragrance Oil from Avena makes for a truly exotic, unconventional and a tropical choice. Coconut oils have been popular in most parts of the world because of the inherent properties of the main in..
This fragrance oil ha...
This fragrance oil has a wonderful aroma of freshly cut grass that is sure to catch your senses. It carries the sensibilities of the outside i.e. the gardens, the lawns and the fields. The fragrance is more o..
This eau de toilette...
This eau de toilette is infused with natural essences to bring you the feeling of freshness and wellness, while keeping up with your mission of living in an organic way. It is a lighter perfume, yet its ef..
The name of this prod...
The name of this product is good enough to suggest its functions. It is a fragrance oil used to awaken your senses and also stimulate them, thus helping you feel relaxed and easy. The fragrance oils manufactu..
Frankincense is a ver...
Frankincense is a very important essential oil in the history of aromatherapy. It can help you get out of stress and depression and on the other hand pain and inflammation. It also has the abilities to boost..
The Grapefruit and Ki...
The Grapefruit and Kiwi fragrance makes for a tangy and fruitilicious combination which would be loved by most people. These fruits are sourced from the best of places from which their essential oils are extr..
Spray the goodness o...
Spray the goodness of nature into your home with this perfume, especially formulated to keep indoor air smelling clean and fresh all day long with olive wood scent. With it, you can create the fine scent i..
A nice fragrance of l...
A nice fragrance of lavender is a must in your closet. The Lavender Fragrance Oil from Avena is thus a very sought after product. It has the smell of dried up buds. It has essential oils to its core and thus ..
This fragrance oil by...
This fragrance oil by Avena has the hint of freshly procured lemongrass with a tinge of herbal flavors. The aroma of this fragrance oil is quite unique as it boosts of a citrus quotient which is preferred by ..
The Lily Fragrance Oi...
The Lily Fragrance Oil lends a refreshing and energized feel to the surroundings when used. Lily has an inherent beautiful fragrance by itself which transcends across to the product. The aroma of this flower..
For all the people th...
For all the people that always try out the weird ice cream flavours that not many people try at the ice cream parlour, or the ones that are suckers for unique tastes and smells and want to try out new things ..
The flower rose, as w...
The flower rose, as well as everything that smells like roses has always been personified and rightly so. For centuries roses have been considered as the most sensual of flowers in addition to being one of th..
There’s two kinds of ...
There’s two kinds of people in the world. The ones that love coffee and the ones that don’t. But whether or not you love to drink coffee in any way, one thing you have to admit is that the smell of cocoa bean..
For a 6-piece set of ...
For a 6-piece set of natural and organic wax melts to be available for only £4 seems very surreal as it is. But for it to have an astonishingly real and striking aroma is next to impossible considering the ex..
Remember those hot su...
Remember those hot summer days when all you wished was to be lazy and drink as much lemonade as you could? When even standing up seemed too taxing let alone being productive? We do too. Ancient Wisdom came up..
Introduced to the wor...
Introduced to the world by the hippies in 1960, the Nag Champa is a very popular fragrance. Of Indian origin, it is associated with spirituality and mediation and is commonly used in incense. For all the peop..
Ylang Ylang is a trop...
Ylang Ylang is a tropical tree from which an essential oil that is sweet scented is obtained. Not only is the smell naturally amazing, it also has amazing aroma therapeutic qualities. In addition to having an..
This oil has been fra...
This oil has been fragranced by using the best of oranges sourced from the most noted places famous for their oranges. Thereafter the essential oils are extracted and put through a step by step process to man..
Besides lavender, pep...
Besides lavender, peppermint is the most versatile essential oil in the history of aromatherapy. It can cure a host of mental and physical problems. The main function that it possesses is its ability to pro..
Pine Fragrance Oil is...
Pine Fragrance Oil is extracted from the needles of the Pinus sylvestris trees. It has a strong and woody fragrance that is sure to catch the attention of any guest in your house. It resembles the smell of th..
Thinking about what t...
Thinking about what to use to provide relief against stress? Or have you used many products and never got the desired results? Still reeling under workplace stress or under depression due to problems in the h..
Sandalwood Fragrance ...
Sandalwood Fragrance Oil is often used as a base for incense, cosmetics, perfume, after shave and similar products. As it is easy to blend sandalwood fragrance oil with other oils, it is widely used as a mixt..
Sea Breeze Fragrance ...
Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil has a beautiful aroma which gives you the impression of fresh seaside air and creates a refreshing environment inside your home. The fragrance can be dropped into an oil burner or o..
Soothing Fragrance Oi...
Soothing Fragrance Oil brought to you by Avena is extremely effective in bringing a sense of calm and deep peace to the mind. All you have to do for that is inhale the wonderful fragrance. Soothing fragrance..
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Natural Fragrance Oils - Organic Fragrance Oil from Naturelle

Natural fragrance oils are favored by plenty of people because of the pleasurable scents that they provide. These are usually mistaken for essential oils but it should be understood that both oil categories differ in more ways than one. Oils that carry certain fragrances are sometimes referred to as perfume oils or even burning oils. They can be used in a variety of ways from crafting to home scenting to perfumery. Their sole purpose is to create an environment that smells pleasant.

Perfumes are used by men and women around the world and most people fail to recognize that these fragrant oils belong to a special perfume category. They are commonly manufactured with a roll-on applicator and are less popular to their spray-on counterparts. The roll-on perfume oils are actually ideal for individuals who prefer not to walk around with an identifiable perfume scent as the oils are more subtle. In most cases, they also carry pleasantly unique scents that are nothing like commercial perfumes. The best part of all, when you buy organic fragrance oil - it will last longer when applied to the skin because oil takes a longer time to evaporate than water or alcohol-based solutions.

The extracts that comprise fragrance oils are more concentrated than their commercial counterparts. Water and alcohol-based perfumes, even the eau de toilettes which have an oil component, only contain a small amount of natural fragrance. These are highly diluted using alcohol and other similar fillers and this is why you need to spray on scents several times to get you through your day.

Oils have the ability to stick to the skin and linger for a lengthier time. They are not easily removed even when a person perspires. For colognes and perfumes to stick and linger, they need to be applied to clothing or any type of fabric, not the skin.

Another reason why fragrant oils are preferred by a number of people is because these are less likely to irritate the skin. There are commercial perfumes which cause red blotches to appear on the skin minutes after application. This is actually caused by the fillers used in the product. Manufactured chemicals can have adverse effects on the body especially in people who are highly sensitive.

In this case, organic fragrance oils are the best options to consider. These are readily available from Naturelle Cosmetics which prides itself in providing some of the best paraben-free and vegan-approved cosmetics in the market. As their fragrant oils are pure from the source, you can rest assured that your skin will experience the ultimate care and be less prone to irritation.

Aside from the pleasant smell, users can enjoy the benefits of the moisturizing effects of these oils. They also provide more bang for your buck as you only need a small amount to last you throughout the day. A few drops behind the ears or on the wrists is all it takes to smell as fresh as a daisy. And even if they possess a higher scent concentration, they are not overpowering. Wear the scent, don’t let it wear you, shift to organic fragrant oils.