Facial Cream Olive Oil



Facial Cream Olive Oil

Manufactured by Bio HP of Spain, this facial cream with olive oil is a great solution not to forget in any daily skincare. This product is loaded with generous amount of olive oil, nature’s gift to your skin with its moisturizing and nourishing effects. It also promotes skin healing with its regenerative properties and anti-aging with its anti-wrinkle and fine lines properties.

With all these benefits to get in one potent but gentle product, what more could you ask for? Plus, this facial cream with olive oil is combined with sunscreen, letting you use it as a makeup foundation or day cream.  Best part is that this also works to get rid of age spots on your face.

Apart from a day cream and sunscreen formula, this facial cream also works best as a night cream with its regenerative, moisturizing and nutritional properties. This is an excellent product that has it all, so don’t miss it out in your shopping cart today!

Ingredients: olive oil

Unit size: 50ml

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