Essential Flower Waters

Flower water is somet...
Flower water is something that is known worldwide as containing the true essence of the plant. Even though there are things like essential oils that somewhat extract the essence of the plant or flower, not al..
Honey has always been...
Honey has always been known as the most amazing natural antibacterial and antiseptic thing in the world. Not only is it amazing for the skin it also has magical health benefits. Honey water by Ancient Wisdom ..
Lavender is one of th...
Lavender is one of the most renowned therapeutic flowers. It has one of the cleanest aromas. It is known for relieving tension and anxiety. For centuries lavender water has been used as a common medicine. Eve..
Peppermint is one of ...
Peppermint is one of the best and most accessible herbs in the world. Its benefits are no less than magical. Peppermint is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory things in the world. It does wonders for na..
Rosemary is one of th...
Rosemary is one of the most beneficial and valuable herbs in the world. Like all the other things found in the world, rosemary is a herb that has been used for centuries. Its benefits are well known and famou..
Associated with ancie...
Associated with ancient knowledge of nature, Ylang Ylang was introduced to the west in the middle of the nineteen hundreds. Ylang Ylang is one of the most spiritual herbs and is used for meditation and yoga a..
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Essential Flower Waters - Organic Floral Water from Naturelle

The best natural product one can find is known as essential flower waters. These waters derived from flowers as well as other parts of floral plants like leaves, stem and roots etc. offer a number of health and beauty benefits as they can be used as natural perfume, in baths and skin tonics. Along with it these waters can also be used homemade beauty products and providing delicate fragrance to your bed sheets.

Essential floral waters or hydrosol or hydrolat are derived as by-products while producing essential oil from the flowers. For instance, lavender water is produced while producing lavender essential oil through steam distillation method. Orange blossom water, rose water and lavender water are some of the most popularly used flower waters derived while producing their respective essential oils. All the qualities of essential oil are also found in their respective flower waters and for that reason these waters are safe, gentle and cheaper substitute of their oils. Brief information about some of the commonly used essential flower waters is provided here under for your reference

Orange Blossom Water: This flower water is one of the essential flower waters produced as the by-product of neroli essential oil derived by distilling orange blossoms. Neroli essential oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and stress due to its uplifting qualities. The water of orange blossom can also be used like rose water in skin care products as a tonic for skin. It cares oily skin better as rose water cares for dry skin. If you do not like harsh fragrances then you can prefer to use orange blossom water as a good alternative due to its pleasant but light fragrance.

Rosewater: It is one of the most popular essential flower waters as it is used not only in cosmetic products but also in cooking various types of cuisines like traditional sweets and deserts prepared in India and Middle East. As a skin care product it is also used in a number of skin tonics and skin toners due to its cooling, soothing, gentle and antiseptic properties. It specially takes care of sensitive and dry skins. It is also used in hand and face creams along with various other cosmetic products due to its soothing and cooling effect. In cooking it can be used as a natural additive instead of an essential ingredient.

Lavender Water: Lavender, being a popular natural herb, is used in different forms including lavender essential oil and essential flower waters as they are derived from lavender flowers since many centuries. The lavender water can be sprayed on the clothing to be used daily before ironing them or sprinkled on your bed sheets to give them a relaxing and refreshing fragrance. Along with providing lovely fragrance to the room’s environment lavender water can also be used as a natural insect killer. In order to keep moths away from your clothes lavender water can be placed in small pouches in your closet or cupboards.

If you buy essential flower water uk - it can offer a number of beauty and health benefits better than their respective essential oils due to their gentle and soothing properties.