Woman s deodorant with argan oil



Woman s deodorant with argan oil

Everybody hates body odor because it causes embarrassment and it might leave the impression that you’re not practicing a good hygiene. The problem is that not all deodorants are skin friendly, as many of them cause dryness and irritation. At Naturelle Cosmetics, we recognize your need for an effective yet gentle deodorant that gets rid of excessive sweating and eliminates body odor. That is why we’re introducing this deodorant, which is formulated with Aluminum salts and Argan essential oil.

Aluminum salts combat sweating and accumulation of bacteria on the armpits, main culprits for body odor. With this product, you can stay smelling clean and fresh all day long, no matter how active you are in sports or your daily routines. And for the best results, it is infused with Argan oil that moisturizes your underarms, preventing it from losing natural oils that keep it healthy and nourished. The addition of Argan oil also makes this product healing and antiseptic.

This product isn’t tested on animals.

It does not have any animal-based ingredients and artificial fragrances, dyes and components.

Ingredients: Aluminum salts, Argan oil

Unit size: 50 ml

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